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Juan Gone is not gone
2006-03-19 21:40
by Bob Timmermann

The Red Sox have added yet another piece to the puzzle. A puzzle that has too many pieces and none of them are corner or edges.

Juan Gonzalez has signed a minor-league deal with Boston.

2006-03-19 23:19:44
1.   Garnered
Juan Gone's continuing employment--living proof that the "greater fool" theory is still alive and well in MLB. I wonder how Theo's acolytes in Boston will try to spin this into a good thing.
2006-03-19 23:55:25
2.   das411
Hmm, so Beane brings in the Big Hurt with his 448 HRs and Theo counters with Juan Gone and his 434, any idea who DePo might have brought in to top these two?

I can think of one:

2006-03-20 00:57:37
3.   Joe
1. How's this not a good thing? I agree with Theo: "He's just a no-risk (signing)," Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said following the team's 3-1 victory over the Baltimore Orioles at City of Palms Park yesterday. "He used to be a good player, and he's willing to go to the minor leagues. No risk."
2006-03-20 11:54:35
4.   grandcosmo
I heard that Juan contacted the Detroit Tigers this offseason and said, "Ok, I'll sign that contract now."

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