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Sometimes an aficionado is just an aficionado
2006-03-20 15:20
by Bob Timmermann

When I want true, hard-hitting coverage of the WBC, I turn to the best source: Cigar Aficionado.

Actually, the article by Alejandro Benes is pretty good. And now I know where to go to get Dominican cigars in San Diego.

Were the Cuban players allowed to bring Cuban cigars into the US?

2006-03-20 15:49:18
1.   grandcosmo
Maybe the Dominican in the Cigar Aficionado article will better appreciate what Cubans have to go through in Cuba after his experience trying to get permission to allow smoking in his cigar shop.

BTW, I think you can get Domincan cigars in just about every cigar shop in the USA.

2006-03-20 15:57:51
2.   Doug N

This is a sports wiki. It is in an embryonic state without your encyclopedic knowledge. Can I assume that you've introduced much to Wikipedia?

2006-03-20 15:58:11
3.   Bob Timmermann
But what kind does the Governor of California smoke?
2006-03-20 16:00:38
4.   Bob Timmermann

That assumption would be in error.

But I have made a lot of contributions to the IMBD updating writers and directors of individual episodes of "The Rockford Files".

2006-03-20 17:58:06
5.   Sam DC
Bob -- can you email a sound file of the opening riff from the Rockford Files? That and Barney Miller are what TV music is all about.



-- anonymous baseball writer

2006-03-20 19:30:19
6.   Andrew Shimmin
3- Schwarzenegger, in a CA piece from well before he took his new job (I'd guess 1996, since there's talk about Steve Forbes, but who knows):

"Cohiba, Punch Punch. Punch Punch is actually my favorite size. It's a good size for an after-dinner smoke or during the day. I used to love Davidoff, and there are still sometimes good ones around. Sometimes you get good Romeo y Julietas. And Hoyo de Monterrey is a great cigar. Milton Berle came over to my house one time--I think it was when I had my 40th birthday--and he brought over a box [of Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas] and gave me one. It was a spectacular smoke."

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