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And to wrap things up for the WBC
2006-03-20 22:56
by Bob Timmermann

Japan takes home the title with a 10-6 win over Cuba, whose pitching staff melted down, giving up 10 hits, 6 walks, a hit batter, and was hurt by one big error. Japan survived three errors of its own. And the WBC is in the books. Time to go back to teams grouped together by methods we are accustomed to.

But to wrap up here are some of the statistical leaders. For rate stats, I'm using the MLB standard of 3.1 plate appearances per game scheduled for hitters and one inning pitched per scheduled game for pitchers.

At bats - Eduardo Paret (CUB) 35
Runs - Nobuhiko Matsunaka (JPN) 11
Hits - Nobuhiko Matsunaka (JPN) 13
Doubles - Jeong-Beom Lee (KOR) 6
Triples - 16 players had 1
Home runs - Seung-Yeop Lee (KOR) 5
RBI - Ken Griffey (USA), Seung-Yeop Lee (KOR) 10
Total Bases - Seung-Yeop Lee (KOR) 23
Walks - David Ortiz (DOM) 8
Strikeouts - Hitoshi Tamura (JPN) 9
Stolen bases - Tsuyoshi Nishioka (JPN) 5
Caught stealing - Tsuyoshi Nishioka (JPN), Yoandy Garlobo (CUB), Lingfeng Sun (CHN) 2
On base percentage - Adam Stern (CAN) .727 (Yoandy Garlobo (CUB) was .536 in 8 games)
Slugging percentage - Adam Stern (CAN) 1.333 (Frederich Cepeda (CUB) was .731 in 8 games)
Batting average - Adam Stern (CAN) .667 (Yoandy Garlobo (CUB) was .480 in 8 games)
OPS - Adam Stern (CAN) 2.061 (Frederich Cepeda (CUB) was 1.231 in 8 games)

Wins - Daisuke Matsuzaka (JPN) 3
Losses - Rodrigo Lopez (MEX), Johan Santana (VEN), Dontrelle Willis (USA) 2
ERA - 10 pitchers were at 0.00. Yadel Marti (CUB) threw the most innings at 12 2/3.
Games - Jose Santiago (PUR), Dae-Sung Koo (KOR), Akinori Otsuka (JPN) 5
Complete Game - Shairon Martis (NED) had the only one
Shutout - Shairon Martis (NED) again (7-inning no-hitter against Panama)
Saves - Chan Ho Park (KOR) 3
Innings pitched - Koji Uehara (JPN) 17
Hits - Koji Uehara (JPN) 17
Runs - Carl Michaels (RSA) 10
Earned runs - Carl Michaels (RSA) 10
Home runs - 9 pitchers gave up 2
Hit batters - Shunsuke Watanabe (JPN), Tao Bu (CHN), Jose Santiago (PUR) 3
Walks - Dontrelle Willis (USA) 6
Strikeouts - Koji Uehara (JPN) 16
WHIP ratio - Shairon Martis (NED) 0.14
Holds - Dae-Sung Koo (KOR) 3
Games finished - Akinori Otsuka (JPN) 5

Errors - Orlando Miller (PAN) 4

2006-03-21 02:10:33
1.   GoBears
Thanks, Bob. Is this Adam Stern character for real, or was this just a mediocre player having a good streak? In either case, is he in a MLB system somewhere?
2006-03-21 04:27:42
2.   PennyJavy
He played for the Pawtucket Red Sox last year, I believe he is still with the Red Sox
2006-03-21 05:33:13
3.   DXMachina
Technically, he was with the Red Sox the entire year, because he was a rule 5 draft pick of theirs, but he "rehabbed" quite a bit down with the PawSox. He got into 36 games with the big club.
2006-03-21 07:55:50
4.   Slikk
Bob, thanks for the excellent coverage.
2006-03-21 09:25:18
5.   Humma Kavula
I agree; big kudos to Bob for providing an outlet into an event that I enjoyed much more than I thought I would.

Here's my question: are any major league teams scouting The People's Slugger? Will he be coming to these shores any time soon? Because I am now a fan.

2006-03-21 09:32:30
6.   tmurase
5. I thought the Dodgers had extended Seung-Yeop Lee an offer at some point in time, but that our cheapskates low-balled him, and he wisely declined. He's signed on with the Yomuiri Giants in Tokyo after winning the Japan Series with the Lotte Marines under Bobby Valentine, so unfortunately, we won't be seeing him on these shores for some time.
2006-03-21 09:39:03
7.   Bob Timmermann
I think Lee has just a one-year deal with Yomiuri. That's usually what foreign players get in Japan.

There was an all-tournament team:
C - Satozkai
1B - Seung-Yeop Lee
2B - Gourriel
SS - Jeter
3B - Beltre
OF - Griffey
OF - Ichiro
OF - Jong-Beom Lee
DH - Garlobo
P - Matsuzaka
P - Marti
P - Park

2006-03-21 10:49:40
8.   Sam DC
Gonna miss the WBC and your coverage thereof. I guess having a baseball season will somewhat make up for it.
2006-03-21 11:05:52
9.   Sam DC
A little WBC color from chat with Os beat writer Jorge Arangure:

Ijamsville, Md.: Hey Jorge,

Now that the O's got all of the players back from the WBC, what's the overall feeling of the WBC from the O's players? Did they enjoy it/think it was good for baseball?

Jorge Arangure Jr.: The WBC is a constant topic of conversation in the Orioles locker room. Seriously, these guys love to rehash their experiences from the tournament. Every Oriole who came back from the WBC raved about the experience and quickly said they would do it again in a second. I think this is the main reason why the tournament will succeed. Players loved it. One scout who attended games in puerto rico lamented that it's sad that american fans don't feel the same passion for baseball as fans do in other countries. This is a tournament that was meant to promote baseball around the world and it was succesful in that regard.

2006-03-22 00:22:28
10.   grandcosmo
Ahh the ubiquitous unnamed scout. Always good for a laugh.

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