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The Braves meet Dawson's Creek
2006-03-21 12:42
by Bob Timmermann

Braves prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia is married to a former teacher at his high school.

Ashley Saltalamacchia, who for purposes of my typing should have kept her maiden name, says she didn't start dating Jarrod until he graduated and she was never his teacher. Which I assume is true or else Ms. Saltalamacchia would be out of a job.

2006-03-21 13:29:05
1.   overkill94
I'd like to see a picture of this lady. I'd hate for a future star to settle too early in his career for an older woman unless she's hot. Then again, he might love her or something.
2006-03-21 13:43:34
2.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, that falling in love thing can always be a problem.

But I'm sure Jarrod will never find the occasion to meet other women during his baseball career.

2006-03-21 14:34:45
3.   das411
So now the Braves have to somehow trade for Anna Benson and Bob will have his three years of material until the 2009 WBC!

(...who wants to point out that he spelled the name wrong for her but right for him?)

2006-03-21 14:45:46
4.   misterjohnny
Cue Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher"

I don't feel tardy.

I've got my pencil...

As for is she hot or not, she's a former volleyball player and current P.E. coach. I'm betting on hot.

2006-03-21 15:03:30
5.   D4P
Volleyball player


current P.E. Coach

Not no sure. I had two P.E. coaches: one a chubby, middle-aged male, and the other a thin, middle-aged lesbian.

Neither were "hot".

2006-03-21 15:14:41
6.   Bob Timmermann
The sad part was that I had already "corrected" the spelling of this couple's surname.

I miss Seung-Yeop Lee already!

2006-03-21 15:30:17
7.   D4P
If I didn't know better, I'd say that Bob was turning Japanese...
2006-03-21 17:06:03
8.   das411
Quick Bob! A new RICKEY sighting!!!

2006-03-21 19:51:16
9.   Daniel Zappala
On behalf of all Italians, I would like to point out that Saltalamacchia is quite easy to spell if you understand that each letter has only one sound. Unlike English, once you hear a word you can spell it, unlike ... oh ... say ... Timmermann.

"macchia" is a common Italian word meaning "spot". Though I'm not great at Italian, saltalamacchia can be roughly translated as "jumps to the spot". Quite appropriate for a catcher.

2006-03-22 08:56:12
10.   Bob Timmermann
Unfortunately, I've never heard the name pronounced.

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