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Juan Gone is not where he is supposed to be
2006-03-22 21:56
by Bob Timmermann

Buried at the bottom of this story is a report that Juan Gonzalez has likely decided not to try to catch on with Boston. The acquisition of Wily Mo Peña has pretty much precluded that.

Just a few days after signing two-time American League MVP Juan Gonzalez to a Minor League contract, the Red Sox weren't sure when or if he will join the team.

Gonzalez's interest in the Red Sox figures to have waned now that Pena has been added to the mix.

There was even a rumor surfacing that Gonzalez had reversed courses and opted to sign with the A's.

"Well, then he probably is," Francona said. "I don't see him. I never saw him show up. From his point of view, once we got Wily Mo, this was probably not the best place for him to be."

2006-03-22 23:12:13
1.   das411
Ahhh, what a wonderful, player-friendly organization. If there's one thing I love about Major League Baseball, it's that even teams like the Red Sox get their share of publicity every once in a while...
2006-03-23 09:42:27
2.   grandcosmo
1. Gonzalez doesn't show up and somehow it is the organizations's fault?

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