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Manager firing odds
2006-03-28 09:55
by Bob Timmermann

A sports book in Curacao has set up odds on which MLB managers will be the first ones to be fired this season.

Buck Showalter of Texas and Bob Melvin are the morning line favorites at 5-1.

Ozzie Guillen is at 10-1, but Willie Randolph is 20-1 and I find those odds puzzling. Joe Torre has the longest odds in the AL at 19-1 and Tony LaRussa has the longest odds overall at 40-1.

Remember, such odds are for entertainment purposes only.

Unless you are gambling.

2006-03-28 10:47:01
1.   Mark
Has the WS-winning manager ever been fired the very next year?

(Was Brenley fired in 02?)

2006-03-28 11:12:47
2.   Jose Habib
Billy Martin in 1978.
Technically he "resigned" but he was forced out by Steinbrenner.
2006-03-28 11:49:59
3.   Bob Timmermann
Rogers Hornsby was the player-manager for the 1926 World Series winning Cardinals and he was traded to the Giants in the offseason.

Primarily because Branch Rickey couldn't stand him. An opinion shared by many in baseball.

The Cardinals didn't win in 1927, but under Bill McKechnie they won in 1928.

And he was "sent to the minors" by Cardinals owner Sam Breadon after the Cardinals got swept in the 1928 World Series by the Yankees. Breadon was unaware of the fact that the 1928 Yankees were really, really, really good.

McKechnie did come back to the Cardinals toward the end of the 1929 season, but by 1930 Gabby Street was the manager.

Also with the Cardinals, Johnny Keane quit (although it wasn't announced) the Cardinals before the 1964 season ended because he knew he wasn't going to get his contract extended. And then he switched to the Yankees in 1965, who had pretty much slapped a "Dead Man Walking" label on Yogi Berra during the 1964 season.

Before Steinbrenner gave the Yankees the reputation as being the least hospitable place for manager, St. Louis had the title.

Even in the 19th century, Chris von der Ahe, was known for firing managers of his AA and early NL Browns (which turned into the Cardinals).

2006-03-28 16:24:43
4.   grandcosmo
The ultimate baseball lifer Bucky Harris won the World Series in his first year with the Yankees in 1947 but was then fired and replaced by Casey Stengel after the 1948 season despite winning 94 games.
2006-03-28 16:55:55
5.   Bob Timmermann
Quite a risk with that screwball Stengel to replace him.

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