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Trot Nixon's solution to baseball brawls
2006-03-28 18:55
by Bob Timmermann

In light of Monday's dustup between Julian Tavarez and Joey Gathright of Boston and Tampa Bay respectively, Red Sox outfielder Trot Nixon says he has a solution to diffuse tensions: Go back to a balanced schedule.

Nixon thinks the 18-19 intradivision games that teams play are too much and led themselves to bad blood.

So we could have peace in our time, but at the same time we will have to watch more games between the Brewers and Marlins. Is that the price of peace?

2006-03-28 19:11:33
1.   Vishal
yeah, i'm sure julian tavarez has a big animus against the devil rays from playing them so much.

the best part of that story was beckett's reference to tavarez as a "gentle soul".

2006-03-28 20:30:08
2.   tjshere
I think it's funny that Gathright was ejected for getting his arm stomped on and punched in the face. The nerve of that guy!
2006-03-28 20:50:16
3.   das411
Can Tavarez just get punk'd out of the league already?
2006-03-28 21:19:23
4.   Mark
I thought Tavarez was cheesed off because of getting hammered by the Sox in the World Series, not because of any Boston-Tampa Bay deal.
2006-03-28 23:38:47
5.   yankee23
this was my favorite:

"Gathright said Tavarez stood on his right forearm after the tag. Tavarez agreed but said he wanted to beat Gathright to the punch."

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