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George Mason at the bat
2006-03-28 22:17
by Bob Timmermann

George Mason basketball coach likes to have his teams play Unityball, a pickup baseball game during practices.

Unityball was born on a snowy night five years ago on a near-deserted concourse at Newark International Airport. Demoralized after a loss at Fairfield, Larranaga and his players waited for a promised flight — the only plane that was supposed to leave that night.

"We were miserable," Larranaga said. "We were sitting around for an hour. I said to one of my assistants. 'We've got to do something. This is awful."'

Larranaga had, on occasion, staged baseball games with his players during his days at Bowling Green, usually when the team needed a change of pace. He decided it was time to pull out the trick again.

Reminds me of the T-square ball we played in the journalism room in high school with rolled up tape for a ball. Did you know that when a T-square breaks, the head can fly off at a rapid rate and do some serious damage? And also make it very difficult to come up with a plausible explanation for why the T-square was broken?

2006-03-28 23:30:12
1.   Eric Enders
We used to do a lot of damage in the high school journalism room too, what with T-squares, pica poles, film loading reels, and waxers available to create and/or substitute for various pieces of sporting equipment.

It was definitely easier to play basketball than baseball in that room, though.

2006-03-28 23:55:09
2.   Ravenscar
Journalism class? In high school? Good god. That must be what happens when your public school has more than 400 students 7-12 I guess.

We made some pretty awful stuff in shop class, mostly truly dangerous martial arts throwing stars with the spot welder. I wanted to make a baseball bat on the lathe but couldn't be bothered to take shop class for 4 years until 10th grade - which was when we were finally supposed to be allowed to USE the lathe.

And on the writing bent, I did manage to blind someone for three days by hitting them during Creative Writing in the eye with a pencil and breaking their hard contact in an attempt to, um, I guess do the same to someone else. I basically hit the shortstop in the face rather than the 2B in the chest. And the SS was actually a pretty girl with a big boyfriend.

Creative writing class lasted one whole semester and never returned.

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