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Angels encounter local TV contract troubles
2006-03-30 09:45
by Bob Timmermann

The Angels and Fox Sports Net have broken off talks for a contract that would have seen FSN televise nearly every Angels game for 10 years.

Presently, FSN and the Angels have a contract to show just 62 games.

"At the 25th hour, we have elected to end our discussions with FSN West regarding a long-term television contract," Angels president Dennis Kuhl said in a statement. "Both parties worked diligently over the last several weeks of negotiations. In looking to the future, we feel there are a wide variety of opportunities that will be available to us. Our goal remains providing maximum television coverage of Angels baseball in both 2006 and the years to come."

Angels spokesman Tim Mead declined to specify why the talks disintegrated or what outlets the team might pursue. KCOP is one possibility, as is KDOC/56, which the Angels reportedly had been considering as a backup if the deal with FSN fell through.

FSN issued this statement: "The goal has been, and continues to be, for FSN West to reach a new partnership deal with the Angels. In any long-term agreement, both parties need to reach terms that are in the best interest of their respective businesses, and those terms go beyond the financials."

KDOC? But they show all of my favorite reruns! "Rockford Files", "Mission: Impossible", "Becker"...

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