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Another opening, another show ... chat
2006-04-02 15:56
by Bob Timmermann

On with the show, this is it!

Since it's the only game in town tonight, you can chat about the White Sox-Cleveland game here if you'd like.

I don't intend on posting too many game chats except when there's just one game around. Or if it's the postseason and one of our sectarian blogs isn't covering it.

Random Game Callbacks, which were a feature of Dodger Thoughts last year, will return on April 15. They will be a little different this year as they will cover all teams available and they will go back to 1871.

Comments (113)
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2006-04-02 16:05:45
1.   D4P
Would it be fair to say that the Griddle is asectual?
2006-04-02 16:15:44
2.   Bob Timmermann
I prefer interdenominational.

So if you like what you're reading, you can send me a $10 and a $20.

2006-04-02 16:18:36
3.   D4P
How bout I just pray for you instead?
2006-04-02 16:29:31
4.   Bob Timmermann
That's nice, but I think you should send cash as well.

Think of me as Caesar. I need something rendered unto me.

2006-04-02 16:35:54
5.   das411
Can we render you our own season predictions like you guys did the other day? They won't count once the season officially starts...
2006-04-02 16:41:03
6.   Bob Timmermann
I have tried to put a link to the preseason predictions on the side, but I don't know if I did it right or if it takes a while for those sections to get updated.
2006-04-02 16:42:35
7.   Bob Timmermann
And if you want to make your own predictions, go ahead. For them to be preseason, you have about 15 minutes...
2006-04-02 16:50:59
8.   D4P
If I run across some currency bearing your likeness, I will render it unto you post haste.

(Come to think of it, I'm not familiar with your likeness, so that plan may not work so well)

2006-04-02 17:01:34
9.   das411
Oy, well I guess we can wait til the rest of the teams start up tomorrow, that's the official "Opening Day" versus "Opening Night" according to Selig and MLB, isn't it?
2006-04-02 17:06:04
10.   Bob Timmermann
I look very much like Ben Franklin.
2006-04-02 17:13:25
11.   D4P
Hmmm...I had always pictured you as an FDR look-alike...
2006-04-02 17:14:05
12.   Ken Arneson
And the first pitch of the season from Mark Buehrle to Grady Sizemore is low and outside for a ball.
2006-04-02 17:15:31
13.   Ken Arneson
And the first bad call of the year gets Sizemore called out on strikes.
2006-04-02 17:17:15
14.   Bob Timmermann
I do look good in a cape and smoking with a cigarette holder.
2006-04-02 17:19:33
15.   D4P
Don't we all.
2006-04-02 17:22:53
16.   Bob Timmermann
Although techinally, FDR didn't wear a cape. He wore a naval cloak.
2006-04-02 17:33:58
17.   Cliff Corcoran
13 Replay showed the pitch broke back into the zone. I agreed with you watching it live, though. After 1 1/2, no baserunners.
2006-04-02 17:34:28
18.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob looks a little like the Celebrity Poker guy (not Dave Foley, the other one) on Bravo. But with wilder eyes. Like they were transplanted from an executed serial killer.
2006-04-02 17:41:08
19.   Cliff Corcoran
First hit of the season is a dribbler up the third base line by World Series MVP Dye that Sabathia and Boone let roll and stayed fair. Hardest hit ball of the night after two is a foul by Joe Crede. Combined we're one batter over the limit after two and Sabathia has three Ks.
2006-04-02 17:42:08
20.   D4P
The photo of Ronnie Belliard on Gameday gives me a chuckle.
2006-04-02 17:42:28
21.   Cliff Corcoran
Ron Belliard's Gameday photo is ridiculous.
2006-04-02 17:50:03
22.   Cliff Corcoran
Aaron Boone gets the season's first clean single. Casey Blake walks. Sizemore moves Boone to third via a fielder's choice, meanwhile the announcers are ignoring the action in favor of talking about Selig's steroid investigation . . .

But then Joe Morgan mention's Howard Bryant's "Juicing the Game"! Awesome.

2006-04-02 17:52:58
23.   Bob Timmermann

You know, I think I do look like that guy a little.

2006-04-02 17:55:57
24.   Bob Timmermann
Phil Gordon is that guy's name.

At least Sam Ryan stopped telling her pointless story during that play.

2006-04-02 17:56:19
25.   das411
J-Mike looks a LOT bigger than he did in Phila...
2006-04-02 17:57:58
26.   Bob Timmermann
I see some bad weather arisin'

2006-04-02 17:58:08
27.   das411
24 - Yep, now all we need to do is get Morgan and Miller to stop with theirs!

Gotta love this OZZIEBALL!!!

2006-04-02 17:59:56
28.   Cliff Corcoran
The Sox score on a walk, a double, an RBI groundout and a single and Miller credits the productive out with the Sox success. Madenning.
2006-04-02 18:00:12
29.   Bob Timmermann
Man down!
2006-04-02 18:01:20
30.   Ken Arneson
What did Sabathia hurt? His back?
2006-04-02 18:03:05
31.   Cliff Corcoran
Sabathia's out of the game due to an unknown injury in the fourth in the middle of the Sox two-run (thus far) rally. Yikes.

Incidentally, Michaels almost made a brilliant play on Anderson's double, running full speed and leaping only to have the ball pop out of his top of his webbing.

Danny Graves is in the game. Yikes.

2006-04-02 18:03:20
32.   regfairfield
Danny Graves is still in baseball?
2006-04-02 18:04:05
33.   das411
Ahhh, FIVE ballgames on television tomorrow and I will be finished with classes at noon. It will be another glorious Opening Day!
2006-04-02 18:04:17
34.   Cliff Corcoran
Sabathia might have pulled something on his right side (perhaps a "rib cage muscle" to use the baseball parlance).
2006-04-02 18:04:52
35.   Cliff Corcoran
32 Amazing, ain't it? And Andrew Brown got sent back to Buffalo.
2006-04-02 18:05:53
36.   Cliff Corcoran
Shoot, this ain't the fourth 31, it's still bottom 3.
2006-04-02 18:07:32
37.   De Ruijter
Graves apparently made the Tribe based on his incredible Gameday photo, which somehow topped Belliard's.
2006-04-02 18:08:15
38.   regfairfield
I'm guessing Andrew Brown will be back soon.
2006-04-02 18:08:33
39.   Cliff Corcoran
Graves walks Thome to make it first and second, then air mails a pick-off into center to push the runners up. Gulp.
2006-04-02 18:09:17
40.   Cliff Corcoran
Line-drive sac fly to right, 3-0 Sox.
2006-04-02 18:09:50
41.   Cliff Corcoran
Morgan and Miller again praise the productive outs, Morgan calling them clutch.
2006-04-02 18:10:26
42.   Cliff Corcoran
Sorry for the rapid-fire short posts, but is there such a thing as a clutch out?
2006-04-02 18:11:30
43.   Bob Timmermann
If there is a clutch out, a White Sox player will make it.

And Joe Morgan and Buster Olney will tell you about it.

2006-04-02 18:11:46
44.   das411
Wow, Jermaine Dye seems to be channeling...Jason Tyner?
2006-04-02 18:11:57
45.   Ken Arneson
Jermaine Dye is red hot!
2006-04-02 18:13:45
46.   jmoney
Pierzynski looks white-trash-erific in his gameday picture.
2006-04-02 18:13:46
47.   Cliff Corcoran
Graves walks 'em full. He appears to be three feet tall and is throwing everything between 75 and 85 mph.
2006-04-02 18:14:22
48.   Ken Arneson
Crede looks like he has hair encircling his ear.
2006-04-02 18:15:39
49.   Cliff Corcoran
I knew Graves was born in Vietnam, but I didn't realize he's part (half?) Vietnamese. I guess I've only seen his mug shots and never seen him in a game before.

Inning over on a fielder's choice 3-0 Sox, heart of the Cle order due up.

2006-04-02 18:15:50
50.   das411
42 - I think that was a clutch out for Cleveland. Finally.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-02 18:17:12
51.   Bob Timmermann
Is this sometime that websites all under go redesigns. changed its home page. changed its home page.
The New York Times changed all of its pages except the home page.

2006-04-02 18:20:40
52.   Bob Timmermann
Productive RBI double by Victor Martinez.
2006-04-02 18:20:57
53.   jmoney
Travis Hafner's gameday picture makes him look like Vin Diesel. And how does a conditioned, athletic guy like Jhonny Peralta have such a round, fat face?
2006-04-02 18:21:29
54.   Bob Timmermann
Productive 2-run homer by Eduardo Perez.
2006-04-02 18:21:39
55.   das411
Wow, Pierzynski really did not want to have to stand down Hafner chuggin in from third...o0o0o and it's a game again!

51 - Are those redesigns as ugly as's?

2006-04-02 18:22:21
56.   Cliff Corcoran
In the first, Morgan criticizes Iguchi playing in shallow right on Hafner despite him making the play to retire him. Now in the fourth, Iguchi playing in shallow right on Hafner allows Iguchi to retire lead-runner Peralta despite the ball being hit closer to first than second, but Morgan fails to mention that it was the result of positioning.

My fantasy catcher, Victor Martinez hits a double off the wall to plate Hafner from first. Lefty killer Eduardo Perez homers to tie it. Perez was a huge pickup for the Tribe.

2006-04-02 18:22:52
57.   Bob Timmermann
Judge for yourself:
2006-04-02 18:26:09
58.   Ken Arneson
Rain delay.
2006-04-02 18:26:14
59.   das411
56 - Don't you mean, "Rally killer Eduardo Perez homers to tie it."? :)

57 - Wow. --no comment--

Aaaand now it's time to do hw. Hmph.

2006-04-02 18:27:15
60.   Bob Timmermann
Well time to go watch "The Sopranos"

2006-04-02 19:03:19
61.   Sam DC
2006-04-02 19:09:46
62.   Sam DC
(I've just started doing that for fun.)

Anyhow,for rain delay discussion purposes, has the intensity and relentlessness of the web-driven offseason changed/lessened/enhanced the excitment of Opening Day? For me, it feels this year (and last) like much less of a return of baseball, because baseball has been so present during these offseasons (much more so than in years past). But I am so much better informed about the team, that I have a lot more excitement/interest in the particulars.

I'm feeling the loss of Paul DePodesta right now, though. His leadership quite engaged me; current management, not so much. Working to keep an open mind, of course.

2006-04-02 19:15:02
63.   Slikk
I never felt DePodesta was a leader ... I always viewed him as hiding behind his computer making deals. Honestly, I liked him a lot. That's just the way I viewed him.
2006-04-02 19:18:31
64.   D4P
It seems pretty clear that, regardless of his player evaluation skills, McCourt did not think of Depo as a "leader."
2006-04-02 19:24:24
65.   Sam DC
63 Well, I suppose reports that he wasn't a rah rah guy or even a speechgiver can be taken as accurate (though none of us were there), but "leading" can mean a lot of different things. I lead teams at work in a pretty low-key way; work hard and do my job well (I hope), be clear with others what I expect and what I don't; give lots of credit to everyone on the team; trust people to handle the things they know best. I think that comes out as a form of leading, and it seems to me that's pretty close to what DePodesta did.

I certainly don't want to set Bob's site ablaze with an examination of the DePodesta Dodgers (There's a place for that --!). And I'm not at all saying that DePodesta's decisions were all good. But for me his tenure made following the team more interesting and engaging. I realize he made other fans and some newspaper writers quite miserable, of course (not you, I understand).

2006-04-02 19:25:19
66.   Sam DC
64 Sure, though I am very skeptical about McCourt's judgment.
2006-04-02 19:26:03
67.   Sam DC
(sound of Bob nervously hoping the rain lets up in Chicago)
2006-04-02 19:30:48
68.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, I went off and watched "The Sopranos". Looks I'll be going out for a walk to enjoy some DST before the rain hits here in L.A.

The radar maps look bad for Chicago.

2006-04-02 19:31:50
69.   das411
(sound of spitefully keeping Sam from a cycle)

Actually I think I do agree with you Sam: between the near-constant high level of conversation here and over at DT, and just the presence of the World Baseball Classic as something to follow for a few weeks of spring training, it does seem like this offseason has been much shorter than many others. Maybe not shorter than the year they had those openers in Tokyo that were like a week ahead of the rest of the "Opening Day"s, or 2001-02 when the season did not end until November anyways, but it certainly does feel like much more of a year-round sport since I've been so connected online.

2006-04-02 20:38:12
70.   Bob Timmermann
So I assume they are going to wait until the cows come home.
2006-04-02 20:43:17
71.   das411
Are you watching Rob Schneider at Giants training camp Bob?
2006-04-02 20:55:34
72.   Bob Timmermann
I've moved on to "Cold Case".
2006-04-02 21:00:53
73.   coachjpark
2006-04-02 21:01:44
74.   das411
Wow, oddly enough the umpires decide to resume the game EXACTLY when the "Benchwarmers" promo ends, how about that?!?
2006-04-02 21:04:36
75.   Cliff Corcoran

Though I will say, as much as Rob Schnieder's movies are a blight upon society, that was decent rain delay entertainment if only because it was a candid look at a major league club including Willie Mays and Barry Bonds.

2006-04-02 21:24:16
76.   Cliff Corcoran
Anyone still around? Game's on with Francisco Cabrera and Brandon McCarthy taking the hill. Cabrera walks Uribe to start it back up.

And Sabathia was diagnosed with an abdominal strain.

2006-04-02 21:25:07
77.   Cliff Corcoran
Damnit. Shoulda read Fernando Cabrera.
2006-04-02 21:26:23
78.   das411
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY, did Gammons just say the Indians pitching coach is CARL WILLIS?? The one from my 1991 World Series movie?????
2006-04-02 21:32:57
79.   Cliff Corcoran
Yes. He's done a great job too, the Indians had a tremendous number of pitchers post career-low walk rates last year.
2006-04-02 21:34:20
80.   Bob Timmermann
So are they just going to try to have Cleveland make three outs in the 5th and then go home?
2006-04-02 21:36:42
81.   Cliff Corcoran
If so I get totally hosed, fantasy-wise. Cabrera's on my team. Ouch.

Stoopid rain. Could screw up the Yanks-A's game tomorrow too.

2006-04-02 21:37:43
82.   D4P
I would have thought as much, but the rain appears to have let up quite a bit. But maybe they'll call the game anyway because it's late.
2006-04-02 21:38:05
83.   Cliff Corcoran
Much as Cabrera appears to have nothing tonight, it's fun to see two young aces like Cabrera and McCarthy face off.
2006-04-02 21:40:06
84.   das411
And it's good to see my ex-homey still has that swing!

...they aren't actually booing Iguchi, are they?

2006-04-02 21:43:59
85.   Bob Timmermann
If they stop the game after 5, Buehrle could get credit for a four inning win and McCarthy could get a save.
2006-04-02 21:48:46
86.   Cliff Corcoran
This game is a disaster. A 200-plus-minute rain delay, Cabrera and Graves throwing crap, Sabathia hurt, Buehrle bounced by the delay, it's still pouring. Just awful.
2006-04-02 21:51:14
87.   Cliff Corcoran
Sweet mercy, Cabrera's getting the hook. Also, I see Casey Blake is already in mid-season form in right, making his first error of the year. Rain schmain, he's a terrible baseball player.
2006-04-02 21:59:00
88.   Bob Timmermann
I can be Bill Plaschke-like and now say that Cleveland is doomed because they lost Opening Day.
2006-04-02 22:06:18
89.   das411
Wow, nasty change by McCarthy to end the inning. Who does his motion remind me of...I want to say Prior but not exactly...any ideas?
2006-04-02 22:14:35
90.   Ravenscar
I get the sense that all of us who didn't draft Jim Thome are going to regret it.
2006-04-02 22:18:54
91.   Cliff Corcoran
Until his hands fall off in May, yes.
2006-04-02 22:30:53
92.   Linkmeister
I just want to say that I expect to enjoy the Random Game Callback feature even more now that the subjects have expanded beyond the Dodgers (not that there was anything wrong with that!).

I question how random they'll be, however. I expect to read about Dizzy Dean's sticking his foot out to block Earl Averill's line drive, thus shortening Dean's career dramatically. Or Harvey Haddix's 12-inning no-hitter. Or Tony Cloninger's two-grand-slam game.

E-mail me, Bob, I've got millions of suggestions. ;)

2006-04-02 22:34:19
93.   Voxter
Wow, a brother spends a few hours working and the game not only has started but the Bitch Sox are up seven? I swear it was just minutes ago that I checked and the game was still in rain delay.
2006-04-02 22:35:43
94.   Bob Timmermann
The Random Game Callbacks will start relatively slowly as there are a lot of opening days to go through.

April 19 will be a good one.

Basically when I look through all the games available, I try to pick the one that has the most written about in the papers I can get access to.

I think the 1870s will be a problem.

2006-04-02 22:38:30
95.   Voxter
Wow, I go to to to check the score, and the first two things I see are:

1) Jesus in a Yankees uni. Gag me with a spoon.

2) "Jayson Stark says the Yankees will rule in 2006" There's a shocker.

2006-04-02 22:44:14
96.   Voxter
Blake scores not on a single? Anybody with a visual got any insight on that? I never heard that Mack had an arm worth worrying about.
2006-04-02 22:45:56
97.   Bob Timmermann
I think it was out a general sense of disinterest that Blake didn't score.
2006-04-02 22:48:09
98.   coachjpark
Blake held up to see if the ball went through. Scored eventually, so I'm happy as Blake is manning 3rd base for my fantasy team!
2006-04-02 22:48:22
99.   das411
97 - zzzzzzzzzzhuh? yeah, sure, blake = slow. is this game over yet?
2006-04-02 22:50:58
100.   Bob Timmermann
ESPN had to flash a "LIVE" graphic to make sure we all weren't dozing off.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-02 22:51:03
101.   Voxter
Did Hafner K? Gamecast is pissing me off. I feel like Buffy in the episode "Gingerbread":

"Did I get it? Did I get it?"

2006-04-02 22:54:15
102.   Bob Timmermann
Hafner whiffed.
2006-04-02 22:56:29
103.   Voxter
Who's pitching for Cleveland? Camecast apparently thinks I don't need to know.
2006-04-02 22:57:59
104.   Bob Timmermann
Betancourt is in for Cleveland.
2006-04-02 22:58:59
105.   Voxter
Thanks. As far as Gamecast is concerned, Konerko just flied out to Michaels on a pitch delivered from Thornton to Hafner on a 2-2 count in the top of the inning.
2006-04-02 23:01:37
106.   Bob Timmermann
It's time for Boone Logan!
2006-04-02 23:03:16
107.   Bob Timmermann
Except it's still Matt Thornton.
2006-04-02 23:10:13
108.   das411
Aaron Boone is very un-clutch-ily refusing to end this game.
2006-04-02 23:10:45
109.   Cliff Corcoran
This game had the makings of a showcase of the best of baseball and it's turned into the worst of baseball. Oh well. I think I'm delerious, I just saw Aaron Boone work an 0-2 count full.

Game over. The White Sox remain the best team in baseball for another night.

2006-04-02 23:10:47
110.   Bob Timmermann
Good night all!

Chicago 10, Cleveland 4 -- FINAL

2006-04-02 23:11:28
111.   das411
So are the White Sox now on a 9 game winning streak?

And did they ever say what kind of fighter jets those were that did the flyover?

2006-04-02 23:12:27
112.   Voxter
Well, I guess that's that. I suppose it's appropriate that the Indians' first loss of the season is closed out by Aaron Boone. Emotional damage he's done to me aside, the man is not very good at baseball anymore. Cleveland will be better off once Marte's up and Boone's in the ashbin.

Now it's time to Elizabeth Bishop myself to sleep.

2006-04-02 23:22:52
113.   Ravenscar
Elizabeth Bishop, ahhhh a fellow alum!

Good choice.

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