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Brrrr.... (UPDATED)
2006-04-06 13:35
by Bob Timmermann

At the risk of:
A) repeating something about a game that was discussed at length at Dodger Thoughts B) looking like a complete wuss when it comes to the weather
I'll write a bit about my trip out to Dodger Stadium Wednesday for the Braves-Dodgers tilt.

I was given a free ticket by reader coachjpark in the right field pavilion, which was very nice of him. The rain that had pelted Southern California the last two days had passed and it was clear and cool. The game time temperature was listed at 56, but there was some wind blowing most of the night. I opted not to go for the full Robert Peary look so as to not risk the ridicule of baseball fans from more northerly climes. But it was a fairly chilly night for a Dodgers game.

When I found my way to my spot in the right field bleachers for the game, I realized how rarely I had sat in the section. For starters, the Dodgers used to have a practice of not even opening the right field bleachers unless the crowd was large enough, but they seem to have changed that policy or they sell enough tickets to make it worthwhile. Also, the pavilion crowds don't have the greatest reputation for fan behavior. One shudders to think what that section would be like if beer was sold out there, but fortunately beer sales were stopped in that section back in the early 1970s, a time when the stadium had the same color scheme as it does now.

I believe the last time I had sat in right field was for Game 6 of the 1978 World Series. Not exactly a memorable experience for a Dodgers fan. I had forgotten how far away the bathrooms were from the seats. I also forgot that there are a lot of low-lying beams when you walk under the pavilions. Then again, when you're 12, they aren't so low-lying.

The crowd for the most part Wednesday was pretty well-behaved. The cold weather, combined with a game with a fair amount of action, kept most of the fans interested in on-field, instead of off-field actions. Of course there was some (insert profanity here) who threw a rubber ball at my throat as I was leaving, but I think I was an unintended target. If I was the intended target, then I really want to know why. And if the thrower is reading this, I can only hope that you have a life where your dreams go unfulfilled. What does motivate someone to throw an object at a random passerby? Saying "it makes me feel like a big man" is not an acceptable answer.

As for the action on the field, Odalis Perez pitched pretty poorly for Los Angeles. Horacio Ramirez was awful. Rookie James Loney and veteran Mike Remlinger had an interesting 10-pitch duel that resulted in a technical draw as Loney hit a ball that Edgar Renteria couldn't handle and a run scored on the play. Franquelis Osoria misplaced home plate and cost the Dodgers the game. And Ramon Martinez can't hit the ball very hard. My fight to nickname Ryan Langherhans "Pancreas Man" appears to be a losing battle.

I don't believe I'm heading out to Dodger Stadium again until mid-May. (Unless someone wants to give me a free ticket again.) In May, I will be seated in the loge. Time to get away from the hoi polloi and sit with the fans who buy Dodger Dogs, but also use linen napkins and use Dijon mustard as their favorite condiment.

UPDATE - Horacio Ramirez strained a hamstring in this game and was put on the DL. Blaine Boyer was sent down too and Joey Devine and Kenny Ray were called up.

2006-04-06 06:43:02
1.   Sliced Bread
My wife and I could see the lights of Dodger Stadium from the tiny hillside house we were renting in Silver Lake a few years ago (we're back east now).

It can feel downright raw up in those hills and down in the ravine on early spring nights. (in other words, you're no weather wuss in my opinion) I remember wearing gloves and a ski hat to a Yankees-Dodgers exhibition game (two nights before opening day). It was in the low 40s and windy that night.

Sorry to hear about the lowlife bleacher bum who beaned you. What a senseless assault.

I always sat in the cheap seats at Dodger Stadium (never got to the right field bleachers) but never encountered any hostility -- even if I wore a Yankees hat.

I thought the Dodger fans were mostly a good group to watch a game with: knowledgable and civil. I remember being surprised at how few boorish loudmouths I encountered.

Hope you have a better night at the park next time, sitting with the Grey Pouponers.

PS - back in the 80's, my dad (a lifelong baseball fan) got hit by some stupid projectile launched by an idiot fan at a Mets game. He wouldn't go to a ballgame for about 20 years after that. I had to talk him into it, finally assuring him those ugly incidents are thankfully rare.

2006-04-06 06:50:52
2.   Vishal
perhaps somebody was expressing some lingering bitterness from the apartheid era.
2006-04-06 07:18:57
3.   ScoobyGoo
I hate to be the one to tell you this but you were crowding the plate buddy...
2006-04-06 07:53:16
4.   subclub
Everyone knows Bob can't hit them up and in.
2006-04-06 08:57:43
5.   kegtron
There was an ugly fight in the loge level last night (3rd base side). I was sitting in the LF pavilion so I didnt get all the details but it looked like it was 3 on 1 and the 1 was holding his own until he went down and started taking shoes to the face. A security guard tackled one of the stompers and almost threw himself and the guy he tackled over the ledge. Really scary scene.

Just thought I'd mention this because the pavilions gets a bad rap (and rightfully so) but this type of rugged behavior also goes on elsewhere in the stadium and seems to go unmentioned.

2006-04-06 09:09:29
6.   Bob Timmermann
The foulpole areas of the loge and field level at Dodger Stadium are also some of the last outposts of the Wild West.
2006-04-06 10:52:22
7.   Eric L
6 I agree, but the worst fight I have seen at the stadium was in the reserved area (outer reserve of course). A gigantic (as in ate too many Dodger Dogs) guy was mouthing off to a rather buff Angels fan during the freeway series last spring. In the process, fatty (I'm a big guy, please don't anyone take this the wrong way) pours his beer on buff Angels fan.

Buff Angels fan wallops the fatty and fatty tumbles over a few rows of seats.

Did I mention that the Angels fan was really, really ripped? Fatty was an idiot (even if he outweighed him) for throwing his beer on him.

2006-04-06 10:59:44
8.   kegtron
The Black Hole at Dodger Stadium is growing.

My biggest gripe from last night is that they only had one concession stand opened in the LF Pav. The lines were at least a full inning long.

(It wasn't as bad as when they had a LAUSD night and the 2nd concession stand had been closed down by the health inspector. They gave all the kids vouchers for free hotdogs and cokes. The line that night was at least 2 innings long and I had my thirsty little sister with me.)

2006-04-06 11:17:31
9.   Bob Timmermann
I bought a turkey BLT before the game. It was a cold sandwich.

I don't think there was any "B" in the sandwich either, which was just as well.

2006-04-06 11:50:08
10.   ToyCannon
Bob, I own those Wild West seats and any time you want to take in a game let me know. It is really only bad during Giant games, most of the time were surrounded by a great group of other season ticket holders who are just as classy as the ones sitting between the bases.
2006-04-06 12:58:44
11.   Disabled List
5 I was at the game too, and I saw that fight in the Loge level. My buddy went to a game last year and witnessed a drunken free-for-all in the Reserved section. I tell you, with every year year that passes without a championship, Dodger Stadium is gradually morphing into Candlestick Park. (The atmospheric conditions last night sure reminded of the 'Stick.)

Personally, I blame the Raider fans who are bored during the football offseason.

2006-04-06 13:11:22
12.   Bob Timmermann
There were two uniformed LAPL officers strolling through the pavilion. And some other Dodger security guy whose task it was to tell people to calm down.
2006-04-06 13:24:08
13.   Jacob L
1. I told you it was going to be cold.

2. I've always felt that behavior in the bleachers would actually improve if they sold beer. People wouldn't feel so justified in sneaking in hip flasks, and nobody can actually get drunk on watered down Miller Lite at $8 a pop.

2006-04-06 13:38:58
14.   ToyCannon
So those drunks I step on, on my way up the stairs are drunk before they come in?
2006-04-06 13:51:59
15.   Jacob L
That's my theory.
2006-04-06 14:22:51
16.   Bob Timmermann
So are the bags of fertilizer that you pass as you head to the bathrooms there for drunks to pass out on?
2006-04-06 14:26:32
17.   LAT
Bob, you should have been wearing your Steve Yager throat protector.

As for the fight on the Loge level it was beacuse they ran out of linen napkins and Dijon mustard.

2006-04-06 14:58:48
18.   kegtron
17 LOL^2

I'm giggling uncontrollably over here.

2006-04-06 15:08:28
19.   Bob Timmermann
"Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"
"Barry sucks"
"I just wanted some Grey Poupon!"
"(^(^&()*& YOU!"
"()()&)(&* YOU and your horse!"
"All, right, it's go time!"
2006-04-06 18:05:58
20.   Izzy
The worst fight I've seen there was at the left field foul pole in the loge section. There seems to be a lot of gangster types in those areas, but they are good seats. Another time in the same area, a girl was wearing a Giants hat, and the entire section was yelling at her-(no WE weren't.) She was with her boyfriend, and at the bottom near the rail. By the 8th inning, it was getting ugly. The entire aisle was lined with security, and fans were yelling at them every step to the top.

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