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Tampa Bay name change draws nearer
2006-04-07 09:39
by Bob Timmermann

Officials of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have until May 31 to tell MLB what new nickname they want for their team.

Fans are being polled, but I think the name will likely be chosen by a focus group or somebody in the Tampa Bay front office erasing "Devil" from the name.

There also modifications being done to Tropicana Field.

2006-04-07 09:52:31
1.   Humma Kavula
I think their name should be the Tampa Bay Drays.

"Go, low, heavy horse-carts!"

2006-04-07 09:54:24
2.   unmoderated
other options:

tampa bay manta rays
tampa bay santa fes
tampa bay mens reas
tampa bay rachael rays
tampa bay yab apmats
tampa bay UV rays
tampa bay yahwehs


2006-04-07 09:56:42
3.   Bob Timmermann
The Tampa Bay Rachael Rays may produce good meals, but could annoy us with excess perkiness and the constant use of the term "EVOO"
2006-04-07 09:57:33
4.   Humma Kavula
Enola Gays?
Faye Dunaways?
2006-04-07 09:59:18
5.   DXMachina
The Tampa Bay Run Aways?
2006-04-07 10:11:23
6.   Mark
Tampa Bay Willie Mays?
Tampa Bay Bluer Jays?
Tampa Bay Wedding Days?
2006-04-07 10:11:53
7.   Vishal
what about the new jersey devils? the arizona state sun devils? the depaul blue demons? duke blue devils? wake forest demon deacons? should they all change their names because people might be offended?

people are stupid.

2006-04-07 10:17:05
8.   Humma Kavula
[7] Don't forget about the Truth or Consequences Spawns of Satan.
2006-04-07 10:20:59
9.   Philip Michaels
I think, in order to be taken seriously, Tampa Bay should drop the familiar "Ray" and go with the more formal "Raymond." That would command instant respect.

Fight on, you Raymonds.

2006-04-07 10:21:22
10.   Mark

Tampa Bay Mohammed Comics?
Tampa Bay Swastikas?
Tampa Bay Hamburgers?
Tampa Bay Neocons?

2006-04-07 10:22:32
11.   Shaun P
How about the Tampa Bay Sun Rays? Then, instead of their current, blah/ugly color scheme, they could incorporate that wonderful color orange. A bright, sunny, disposition would surely result. Bonus synergy points for inspiring hope in the team's future!

(Disclaimer - my dad's a Syracuse grad, so I acquired a taste for the color orange early in life.)

2006-04-07 10:40:39
12.   Sliced Bread
They can drop the "Devil" from their name, but the stadium will forever be known as "The House That Beezlebub Built."
2006-04-07 10:43:05
13.   Sky
How about simply the "Tampa Bays" considering plain old Tampa is the actual city name.
2006-04-07 10:44:28
14.   Ken Arneson
9 That's brilliant. Everybody loves Raymond.
2006-04-07 10:53:17
15.   Vishal
let's-go ray-monds!
#clap clap, clap-clap-clap#
2006-04-07 10:54:33
16.   Vishal
[11] when they first announced the name "tampa bay devil rays" i was imagining a yellow and orange on white color scheme, with pale orange hats and a sunburst effect on the uniform front.
2006-04-07 10:56:12
17.   Bob Timmermann
The Devil Rays are actually in St. Petersburg, not Tampa and the St. Petersburg City Council wants that added to the team name also.

Some of the hardliners want the team to be called Leningrad.

2006-04-07 10:58:40
18.   Humma Kavula
Great idea, Bob!

Луч Дьявола!

2006-04-07 11:00:20
19.   Sliced Bread
17 Perhaps the good people of Tampa are troubled by the reference to St. Petersburg ("I stuck around St. Petersburg when I saw it was time for a change") in "Sympathy For The Devil" -- hence the community exorcism.
2006-04-07 11:02:51
20.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe they can change the name of Tropicana Field to The Winter Palace.

Or maybe just The Hermitage.

2006-04-07 11:04:39
21.   Mark
17 Tampa Bay Devil Rays of St. Petersburg?
2006-04-07 11:05:40
22.   Vishal
[17] too bad the name "reds" is already taken.
2006-04-07 12:09:29
23.   subclub
The St. Petersburg Bullets!
2006-04-07 12:10:29
24.   For The Turnstiles
But you doesn't hafta call them Johnson!
2006-04-07 12:15:16
25.   underdog
The only thing Satanic about them is their stadium, which is awful.

Meanwhile, what about Man Rays, in honor of the photographer? Is that too esoteric for Tampa?

The Sharks would be a cool name but San Jose's hockey team's already got dibs on it.

2006-04-07 13:23:25
26.   dianagramr
Seemed like a reasonable topic for my blog .... hope you don't mind if I hopped on the train:

2006-04-07 16:15:27
27.   das411
25 - Yknow if they would just move into their spring training stadium permanently the DRays would totally experience the Fenway Effect and sell out every game...

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