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Random Game Callback, April 17, 1923
2006-04-17 03:59
by Bob Timmermann
The two-time defending National League and World Series champion New York Giants opened the season on the road as their neighbors in The Bronx were set to open their new stadium the next day. But the hubbub over the "House That Ruth Built" took a back seat to the Opening Day festivities at Braves Field in Boston as 20,000 fans packed in to see John McGraw's team battle the Braves, who were now run by former Giant hero Christy Mathewson, although illness kept "Big Six" from ever having much of an active role in the management of the club. And the hero on the day was Giants starter Hugh McQuillan who pitched a four-hitter in a 4-1 Giants win.

Commissioner Kenesaw Landis caught the ceremonial first pitch of the game, tossed by Massachusetts governor Channing Cox. Boston mayor James Curley stood at the plate and took a playful swing at the ball.

The Giants struck early when the second batter of the game, third baseman Heinie Groh, slapped a triple to right center. Second baseman Frankie Frisch singled home Groh to give the Giants a 1-0 lead.

In the second, Ross Youngs drew a walk and scored on a long double by George Kelly. Kelly tried to advance on a grounder by Jimmy O'Connell, but Boston first baseman Stuffy McInnis made a good play and Kelly was retired in a 3-5-6-5-3 rundown at third base. The Braves got a run in the third on two Giants errors and it was 2-1 New York after three.

In the seventh, McQuillan singled and Groh slammed a 2-run home run to right center to put the Giants up 4-1. McQuillan went the final three innings to pick up the complete game win.

The Giants lineup featured four future Hall of Famers in the first six positions: Davey Bancroft, Frisch, Youngs, and Kelly. Boston countered with just one Hall of Famer that day, 36-year old Rube Marquard, who pitched in relief in the ninth.

1923 would be a good year for McGraw's men. They would win their third straight NL pennant with a 95-58 record. The Braves would finish in seventh at 54-100. But in the World Series, the team from the Bronx with the rotund slugger would prevail and the game would be much different from then on.

Source: New York Times, Retrosheet

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