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Anybody want to own the Nats?
2006-04-12 07:49
by Bob Timmermann

The Washington Post details the problems that the Ted Lerner bid is having to buy the Nationals. The Fred Malek-Jeffrey Zients group may be the leaders in the Nationals Derby. And Stan Kasten may hold a trump card. And Commissioner Bud Selig finally says what's really important.

"What I saw in St. Louis convinced me again that you need an owner who understands the importance of having a great ballpark. Don't skimp," Selig said. "But, in Washington, I think both [prospective] groups would do that."

If you don't want to build a stadium with concession stands that serve Grey Poupon mustard, offedr luxury boxes, and feature really good cupholders, then just don't bother.

2006-04-12 08:53:27
1.   joejoejoe
'Don't skimp' is great advice when you are spending the public's money. I'm sick of the crony capitalism of major league baseball. It makes the Politiburo of 1970 look free and open. I'm suprised Peter Magaowan never met the same fate as Leon Trotsky for paying for his own ballpark.
2006-04-12 08:58:37
2.   Bob Timmermann
Bob Dupuy doesn't own an ice axe.
2006-04-12 10:32:57
3.   Jacob L
I read on one of the Cardinal blogs that cup holders are not installed throughout new Busch.
2006-04-12 10:37:25
4.   Bob Timmermann
People in St. Louis don't like to drink beverages while watching a baseball game. It detracts from their ability to be "the best fans in baseball" (TM).

Is the stadium in St. Louis somehow connected to beer? I never would have guessed.

2006-04-12 19:25:42
5.   Voxter
Every time I read anything about this, I think about the old Steve Martin routine:

"Four bucks? You paid four bucks? Well, sometimes . . . I do a $4.50 show."

And then I find myself wishing I had been alive at a time when Steve Martin standup could be consumed at four bucks a pop. But that's a different issue entirely.

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