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The Harry Caray bandit strikes again
2006-04-13 09:03
by Bob Timmermann

A man dubbed the "Harry Caray" bank robber, because he wears oversized glasses, has struck again, knocking off a bank in Palos Heights, Illinois.

Police warn that the suspect may be drunk and subject to mispronouncing Spanish surnames.

2006-04-13 10:14:46
1.   Philip Michaels
"Say... I just noticed something... did you know that Mark Grace's name pronounced backwards is 'Hand over all your money in denominations of tens and twenties, and nobody gets hurt?' Holy cow!"
2006-04-13 12:26:29
2.   Voxter
As soon as he starts demanding to speak to Ray-ool Mon-dezi, we'll know our man is back from the dead.
2006-04-13 22:23:54
3.   Suffering Bruin
"Let's look at the Dodgers... at third... Blowers (he pronounced "blow" like you would blow your horn) and on the mound (what happened to the rest of the infield, Harry!) the pitcher... Hi-dee-oh Nomo."

I damn near fell out of the chair.

Or when he just couldn't believe Antonio Alfonseca had six fingers. His colleagues tried to convince him but would Harry buy it? Not until he actually saw the evidence and on the broadcast, we hear this:

"Ahhh! The Marlins have some six-fingered freak on the mound. Is that legal, Arnie?" That time, I suffered spleen damage.

I loved Harry Caray. He was into the damn game and it showed. I could've cared less about the malapropisms or mispronouncing the names. Chick Hearn was hearing similar criticism in his last days but now that he's gone, does anyone listen to the Lakers on the radio? I know I don't.

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