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Safeway and the Washington Nationals
2006-04-13 17:19
by Bob Timmermann

The Safeway grocery chain and the Washington Nationals have joined up on a promotion.

From now on, Safeway will be owned in part by all the other major grocery chains in the United States.

Each store will also have a manager who will tell each customer that in his day, people bought better food and knew how to shop "the right way".

"It's the fundamentals. You get produce, then you get some meat, then you get dairy. Kids today go buy ice cream first and then they get home and it's all melted. In the 1950s, we wouldn't have stood for this."

2006-04-13 17:39:52
1.   Strike4
According to the article, there's 16,000 employees and 16 stores in the Washington DC area. That would be incredible to experience a 1,000-employee grocery store, but that's Washington for ya.

Of course, it was just a badly worded sentence in the article. The reader can't tell for sure what number of stores relates to the number of employees.

The more interesting factoid would have been a guess of the percentage of Safeway shoppers who are Nats fans. And how many management thinks will become Nats fans after the giveaway. Or how many Nats fans will become Safeway shoppers. Even better, how many Nats players will start to shop at Safeway.

2006-04-13 17:43:33
2.   Eric Enders
They could be following Wal-Mart's lead and making sure all their employees are part-time so that none of them get benefits.
2006-04-13 17:44:26
3.   Sam DC
Do baseball players shop for groceries. Do they cook. Jamey Carrol I can see cooking, but Ryan Church? Matt LeCroy?
2006-04-13 17:45:55
4.   Sam DC
There's a Safeway about 10 blocks from RFK. It's just been massively renovated in an effort to keep up with the gentrifying neighboorhood. It used to be called the Soviet Safeway (long lines, empty shelves). Now it has a Staebucks.
2006-04-13 17:46:17
5.   Sam DC
rats -- r for e please.
2006-04-13 17:56:05
6.   Eric Enders
Appropriate that Safeway is teaming up with the Nationals then, since (I think) Thomas Boswell once wrote that RFK Stadium "looks like it was designed by Stalin."
2006-04-13 18:38:19
7.   Bob Timmermann
I only wish I could have worked Bowden in to the post.

Maybe Safeway will have buyers who will buy twice as much milk they need and then take the extra milk and try to put into beer bottles and sell it that way.

But I don't think that joke works well.

2006-04-13 18:42:57
8.   Strike4
In keeping with Jim Healy's old maxim that baseball players are the cheapest of all pro athletes, my guess is that alot of them shop themselves to save money. On the other hand, how often do they ever make their own meal.
2006-04-14 01:37:36
9.   slackfarmer
3 Not sure if LeCroy cooks, but you can tell that boy eats.
2006-04-14 06:49:39
10.   Sam DC
Squeamish Warning

9 Did you ever hear the story about how he ate a bug off the clubhouse floor for $500?

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