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In case you get all your baseball news here...
2006-04-13 20:32
by Bob Timmermann

Then you don't read much...

But a federal grand jury is reportedly investigating Barry Bonds for perjury.
It's unclear if the grand jury is watching the Bonds ESPN reality show for more information.

From the story, Bonds's attorney Mike Raines has this quote.

"Look no further than Martha Stewart. The trap is perjury," Raines said. "You offer immunity and you get him in there and then you ask them questions and you get them on lying to federal officers.

"That's the trap. That's exactly what they got Martha for."

Cool, maybe Barry Bonds will be knitting a poncho too.

2006-04-13 21:24:23
1.   Faramond
I get about half my baseball news here.

This is the first place I've heard about this, but I'm guessing that's just because I came here first.

2006-04-13 21:34:14
2.   Bob Timmermann
Should I bribe you to make my blog your homepage?
2006-04-13 21:48:35
3.   Suffering Bruin
Bob, the last two posts made me spew my fruit juice which dang near shorted out my monitor.

Next time, I'm sending a bill. ;)

2006-04-14 01:33:14
4.   slackfarmer
"you get him in there and then you ask them questions and you get them on lying to federal officers"

I guess Bonds* is just incapable of telling the truth, so I can see how evil the feds are for taking advatage of him like this.

2006-04-14 02:17:43
5.   joejoejoe
I'm not Judge Judy or anything but I'm pretty sure that people are offered immunity on the condition of HONEST testimony. In defense of Bonds, Giambi, and Sheffield - it is reprehensible conduct for a prosecutor's office to leak grand jury testimony and documents to the press to help shape a case. And it's reasonable to think that all the leaks have been out of the prosecutor's office (or worse, the court). Maybe Bonds is guilty of perjury but bring a case against him in a courtroom, not on Sportscenter or the SF Chronicle. I'm sick of the whole ridiculous steroids debacle - it was a league wide joke tacitly acknowledged by ownership for more than a decade. Now that politics has made steroids a hot issue baseball is all over it, not because it's the right thing to do but because without political clout the gravy train of free stadiums and antitrust exemptions may come to an end. But let's stamp out steriods for the children! Bleech.
2006-04-14 17:29:17
6.   grandcosmo
What is ESPN paying reporter/stalker Pedro Gomez for if he is going to get scooped by CNN?
2006-04-14 18:43:42
7.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe Pedro Gomez is going to be the Judith Miller of the BALCO case.

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