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Fewer seats! Greater profits!
2006-04-14 22:39
by Bob Timmermann

Chris Isidore of has a column about the trend in baseball to make stadiums smaller to lower the supply of available tickets and use the time honored techniques of supply and demand to charge more.

It's a devilishly clever plan.

2006-04-15 00:22:06
1.   das411
I've been saying it for over a month now Bob, if the Devil Rays play good-weather days in Al Lang slash Progress Energy Park they will sell out every one of those games!!!

Sigh, now it's only two or three more years before we see a Fenway Park II with twenty thousand super-wide seats...

2006-04-15 02:02:16
2.   coachjpark
Just shift the supply curve to the left and the equilibrium quantity goes down, and the equilibrium price goes up AND the perception of the supply curve shifting to the left causes an increase in demand for tickets thus increasing the equilibrium price and quantity. Thus, the equilibrium price definitely goes up and the equilibrium quantity is unsure depending on the magnitude of the two shifts.


2006-04-15 07:53:52
3.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me.... :-)

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