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They could have played all night
2006-04-18 08:56
by Bob Timmermann

And in fact they did.

Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post recounts the 33-inning epic between Rochester and Pawtucket played 25 years ago. At least about the first 32 innings of it.

A lot of zeroes.

A fuller boxscore.

Thanks to loyal reader Sam DC (he swore an oath on a stack of Joey Eischen baseball cards).

My personal best (in person) for innings is a measly 16-inning game in Milwaukee.

I saw most of this one on TV and convinced my parents to stay up until the end. They wanted to go to bed around the 17th and I badgered them by saying, "You're giving up now!" They stuck it out to the end.

Later that year, my grandmother and I listened to this game together on the radio.

And when I was 19, I went out with some friends to try to see some fireworks on July 4, but we could never get to the show in Santa Monica because the traffic was impenetrable. So I went back home and found out that this game was still going on at 11:00 pm PT. And still had a ways to go.

2006-04-18 09:10:24
1.   Sam DC
And then there was that day you left in the ninth to go buy a car, and still made it back for the end . . .
2006-04-18 09:15:58
2.   Bob Timmermann
And I test drove it too!
2006-04-18 09:18:19
3.   Bob Timmermann
The game Sam refers to in 1 is
Game 4
Retrosheet doesn't have 2005 data ready yet.
2006-04-18 10:00:26
4.   Daniel Zappala
The 1989 Dodgers-Astros game I caught on my transistor radio at Stanford (via the Las Vegas affiliate) and listened to the whole thing. I had a lot of good memories with that transistor radio.
2006-04-18 10:04:20
5.   Bob Timmermann
The 22-inning game in Montreal, Ross Porter called on radio all by himself as Vin Scully didn't make the trip and Don Drysdale was sick.

Ross sounded on the edge a few times. I was worrying that he might have fallen victim to Stockholm Syndrome in that one.

2006-04-18 11:12:13
6.   DXMachina
They have a copy of the original scoresheet from the game on display at McCoy Stadium. I usually stop to look at it whenever I go to a game there. It's an impressive thing. I couldn't find an image online, but it was used to illustrate the inside covers of this book, (I didn't think much of the book, but it was worth keeping just for the scoresheet.) Quite a few players in the game went on to have decent careers, besides the two Hall of Famers.
2006-04-18 12:47:11
7.   bobsbrother
In that Braves game, after Rick Camp hit his homer to keep the game alive (there was also a long rain delay), whoever was in the booth on TBS at the time noted that there was a loud crashing sound in the press box that sounded like breaking glass. It was Atlanta Journal-Constitution beat writer Gerry Fraley throwing a phone through a press box window.
2006-04-18 13:03:38
8.   rbs10025
Some factoids about that 1989 Astros-Dodgers game...

I can still recall listening to it on the radio (Larry, Milo, etc.) while engaged in a running-into-the-wee-hours session of D&D, including a 1 a.m. run to get some spicy fried chicken from Popeye's.

The Astros and Dodgers were scheduled to play a afternoon game the next day, Sunday. I can't recall what the starting time was supposed to be, but they delayed it an hour or so to give the teams a chance to get a bit more rest. And then it turned out that that game went 13 innings. (Yes, I listened to that one on the radio also.)

By that point the Astros had used so many pitchers up that they had to call up Mark Portugal to start Monday's game.

Oh, and the Astros were struggling that season, and were 5-6 games under .500 come late May. Fans were getting depressed (after and folks were beginning to write them off. Those two extra-inning games in a row turned out to victories 9 and 10 in a ten-game streak. They lost the Monday game, and then won the next six in a row, for 16 wins in 17 games.

2006-04-18 13:19:54
9.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers ended up calling Ramon Martinez back to the majors in 1989 after the Houston series and I believe he never went back down after that.
2006-04-18 14:01:19
10.   das411
Ahhh I remember snoozing through the 4th-6th innings (or roughly 16%) of the Chris Burke Game like it was yesterday...I sat down to watch that game right after lunch and by the time it was over I got up to go get dinner. Terrific day :)
2006-04-18 15:43:54
11.   grandcosmo
If you were going to predict a lineup that would go 22 innings before scoring a run and not take a walk while they did it it would be the team the Dodgers put on the field that day in Montreal.

1. Griffin ss
2. Randolph 2b
3. Harris lf
4. Murray 1b
5. Hatcher rf
6. Scioscia c
7. Hamilton 3b
8. Gonzalez cf
9. Hershiser p

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