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Comings and Goings, April 20 edition
2006-04-20 09:31
by Bob Timmermann

Armando Benitez is back from the DL to anchor the Giants bullpen. You may interpret the meaning of "anchor" any way you choose. Jack Taschner, with a 34.71 ERA, was sent back to the minors. Also Lance Niekro returned from bereavement leave and Travis Ishikawa was sent to AA Connecticut.

Also, the Orioles called up Luis Terrero and Raul Chavez and disabled Luis Matos and optioned Val Majewski back to Ottawa. Sadly, this means that the Baltimore-DC area will no longer have two Majewskis playing in it. Majewski had just been called up to replace David Newhan, who had broken his leg.

Cleveland put Matt Miller on the DL and called up Rafael Perez. Rafael Betancourt might be headed to the DL soon pending more tests on his arm.

And finally, the Mets drive to clinch the NL East early has been ramped up as Kazuo Matsui has been reactivated from the DL and Anderson Hernandez has been put on it with a back injury.

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