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Retrosheet updated
2006-04-22 14:22
by Bob Timmermann
News from Dave Smith of Retrosheet.

Here are the highlights.

1. Several new seasons with play by play detail have been added. In addition to posting the 2005 data, we have expanded our string of "recent" seasons back to 1957. Furthermore, it is very gratifying that, due to the generosity of Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), we are also able to present the data for 1993-1998. That leaves only 1999 without this level of detail from 1957-2005 and we hope very much to have that information available later this season. The proofing of these new seasons was done by Clem Comly, Tom Ruane and Dave Smith.

2. Old seasons with play by play detail. The previous release had this information for the 1911 NL and we add the same for the 1922 NL. Also, the 1921 NL games are presented in detailed expanded box score format, but without play by play. These earlier seasons were proofed entirely by Tom Ruane

3. Data for umpires has been greatly expanded and gaps filled in. We are missing the identities of a handful of substitute umpires who officiated during the strike in 1979, but other than that, the website now has every umpire assignment for every game from 1939-2005 as well as the data for several earlier years. For 1957-2005, these are accessed most easily from the game log page for a team in a season (e.g. as a purely random example). For seasons prior to 1957, the umpire assignments may be found by going to the "ML Umpires" portion of the season summary. For example, again randomly chosen: (these follow the standings for the year). Of course, it is always possible to go to the umpire page for any specific arbiter and click on his name to get what we have for his career. See for Bill McGowan's totals, which include many pre-1939 seasons. David Vincent was the overall coordinator for this enormous effort with significant help from Bob Boynton, Rich Carletti, and John Schwartz.

4. The "event files" are the primary data format for the games we have. These are available for all the above seasons through the link on the front page. There are details there on file format, software we post, and other details on downloading and using these files. These files are the basis for the many detailed analyses that various users perform and post on-line. See note 5 for an important additional note.

5. For each season prior to 1974, there are games for which we have not been able to find play by play information. Rather than waiting, possibly in vain, for accounts to complete these seasons, we created the "box score event file" which has all the information necessary to generate a complete box score that is indistinguishable from those derived from full play by play data. We are continually getting new data and in fact some games that were only in box score format last time have now been converted to full play by play. These box score event files are linked on the relevant event file page where there is also a detailed description of the contents.

6. Modifications have been made to some aspects of biographical data on the player pages. For example, birth and death locations are now presented when they are known, even if the dates of those events are not.

7. Some format corrections have been made to our posted box scores, including more complete usage of the data in the box score event files.

8. Other changes include the addition of game number of each series to the box score. Standings prior to 1893 are now based on games won instead of winning percentage, as was the standard of the time.

The Retrosheet website has about 400,000 html files which are interlinked and cross-referenced in many ways that enhance their usefulness. These are all generated by Tom Ruane and the legion of fans who enjoy these pages owe him a huge thank you.

2006-04-22 19:36:58
1.   grandcosmo
Thank God for Retrosheet.

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