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FAQs and Macs, not a happy marriage
2006-04-23 19:38
by Bob Timmermann

Frank Ahrens who writes "The Web Watch" column for the Washington Post writes about the Mac users have with streaming media.

But the absence of Real essentially alienated Mac users (among them, the sprawling Web Watch staff) who preferred watching the streaming games on that player. MLB said that the stream would work fine on the Mac version of the Microsoft player.

But The Register, a British online publication covering the IT industry, said it tried out the new streaming setup on its Macs (What? They couldn't get cricket?) and found it "almost unusable," owing to starts and stops in the stream and sudden drop-outs. The video "played like a champ" on Real last year, the site reported.

So, if you have a Mac, it's not just you.

2006-04-23 20:11:15
1.   Voxter
Is this why they keep telling me I have blackouts? Shockingly, I was actually able to watch a Padres home game today, which made me very happy.

The real problem for me is that in RealPlayer I was able to watch in a seperate window & blow up the size, but that's now no longer an option (unless I'm too dumb to figure that out, which is a possibility).

2006-04-23 21:57:36
2.   capdodger
Search the web for Flip4Mac. It's a plugin that allows you to watch the games in quicktime. Then you can blow up the window and do all that good stuff.

6-4-2 had a link to the flip4mac website:

2006-04-23 22:01:35
3.   das411
So, if you have a Mac, it's not just you.

Actually it is just you, but this time it's something else as well.

1 - Vox, that was a sweet game to take a nap during the only inning NY scored any runs!

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