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White smoke coming out of Bud Selig's face? Or not (UPDATE)
2006-04-26 16:48
by Bob Timmermann

According to WUSA-TV (via tips from Capitol Punishment and Federal Baseball and a bunch of people on Dodger Thoughts), it seems that FINALLY Commissioner Bud Selig has decided to award the Washington franchise to the Ted Lerner/Stan Kasten bid.

Nationals fans will be gathering on the Mall tomorrow to see if Selig comes out on to the balcony to announce the name of the new pope of Washington D.C. baseball.

Church bells will toll! Heads of state will gather to watch!

And Jim Bowden will probably be fired.


MLB people have issued strong denials of the report.

"There has been unfortunate speculation rampant in the media in Washington, D.C., [Wednesday] that Commissioner Selig has selected one particular group to acquire the Washington Nationals and that a press announcement would be made this Friday," said Bob DuPuy, MLB's president and chief operating officer.

"Those rumors are baseless. No decision has been made to date. The Commissioner and I continue to meet with representatives of the groups and there will be an official announcement when the decision is made."

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