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Mirabelli headed back to Boston - updated
2006-05-01 08:59
by Bob Timmermann

Apparently frustrated by the inability of Josh Bard or Jason Varitek to catch Tim Wakefield's knuckleballs, the Red Sox have reacquired Doug Mirabelli from San Diego in exchange for Bard, minor league pitcher Clay Meredith, and cash, which has to be paid all in Susan B. Anthony dollars. This, according to Buster Olney of

Except the part about the Susan B. Anthony dollars.

Jack Curry of the New York Times had written a very long piece about catching Wakefield's knuckler.

It included quotes from Bard.

Bard said he doubted there would ever be a time when he and Wakefield "kick it into automatic pilot." Sliders, changeups and curveballs are pitches Bard has mastered. But the knuckleball tricks catchers, Bard said. It torments them, too. It made Flaherty retire, which is not an option for Bard.

"The biggest thing is, I believe in myself," Bard said. "I'm not going to hide in the corner. I know my talent is going to come out and I'm going to get through this."

Good luck with that Josh.

And the Boston Globe confirms the story as well.

Bard leads the majors in passed balls with 10. Ramon Hernandez and Kenji Johjima have four each.

2006-05-01 09:12:19
1.   Sam DC
Love this line: "The Yankees also tried to obtain Mirabelli to keep him from returning to the Red Sox."
2006-05-01 09:32:40
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey, I'd take Mirabelli over Kelly Stinnett, though both are two of the better backup cathers in the buisiness, Mirabelli's younger and better, and picking him up would have hurt the Sox. Too bad it didn't work out for the Yanks.
2006-05-01 09:37:31
3.   Cliff Corcoran
Taking a closer look, Mirabelli and Stinnett is actually much closer than I expected in both age and production. Mirabelli's still got more pop, though.
2006-05-01 09:39:29
4.   Bob Timmermann
It's not a bad deal for Bard in that he will get regular playing time in San Diego, functioning as Mike Piazza's caddy.
2006-05-01 10:28:06
5.   Nick from Washington Heights
so, what exactly did the Padres get out of trading Loretta, who is 2 years removed from being one of the best 2nd basemen on the planet? Could someone explain the Padres' angle? Because I don't get it.
2006-05-01 10:31:59
6.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres had a mysterious offseason and the regular season is even more mysterious. Towers has a plan to make the Padres better he says.

It doesn't appear to be working right away.

2006-05-01 10:34:56
7.   DXMachina
Actually, the "y" in Cla Meredith's first name is not only silent, it's nonexistent. Ms. Anthony does use the "y" she's entitled to, and is proud of it.
2006-05-01 11:00:34
8.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, they had it misspelled the first time it was online.
2006-05-01 11:29:20
9.   Voxter

My mind just about melted every time Wakefield took the mound this year. The only thing that worries me is that we may be forced to keep Mirabelli way past the point that he's useful with the bat, if no one else is ever found who actually can catch the knuckler. I suspect some borderline backup-type could get himself a job in Boston in the next couple of years by training himself to do just that, so when Mirabelli's done, the Sox will turn to him.

2006-05-01 12:44:29
10.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Hooray, a career path for Danny Ardoin!
2006-05-01 13:01:02
11.   Linkmeister
Bring back Gus Triandos.
2006-05-01 16:13:21
12.   DXMachina
Mirabelli just arrived at Fenway in a Mass State Trooper SUV (right at game time). He was already wearing his Sox uniform when he got out of the car, so I presume he changed in there. He was given an ovation when he popped out onto the field.

And now Damon is getting booed.

2006-05-01 22:33:13
13.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Doh, a few extra pass ball woulda definately helped the Yankees tonight.. or maybe not when the manager decided it was a great idea to send in the worest pitcher in the pen in a late game tied situation.

Mr. Tower is going to lose his job if the Padre keep playing like they are now, seriously, the Padre's way of "upgrading" their team after a freakishly succesful season (in which they sucked a little less than a really bad division) bewilders me.

At this rate, wouldn't surprise me if they finish at the bottom 2 in a division with no playoff contenders.

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