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Minor league umps say 'Strike Two!'
2006-05-01 15:18
by Bob Timmermann

The Association of Minor League Umpires rejected a proposed settlement from Minor League Baseball to end their strike.

Future settlements talks have not been scheduled.

There is no word on whether or not the umpires wanted additional pay for working games that Delmon Young plays in.

2006-05-01 16:42:12
1.   Rich Lederer
There is no word on whether or not the umpires wanted additional pay for working games that Delmon Young plays in.


2006-05-01 20:00:21
2.   Voxter
I'm sorry, I'm being prevented from watching AWAY GAMES for both the A's and the Mariners on right now, despite the fact that I have absolutely no other way of accessing coverage -- radio or television -- for either game. I've got both tubes flooded right now. I've written two irate emails to's support staff (my fifth and sixth of the season, if I'm counting correctly, with no response yet) just tonight. I had to feel like somebody, somewhere, was going to read at least one of them. I'm pretty sure that's alleged "support team" is actually a baboon and an orangutan who have been trained to print out complaint emails and then eat them with peanut butter, so I decided to post my most recent email to them here, for lack of a better forum. I'm just so mad I could spit.


Sorry, me again. Part of the way you advertise is with the slogan, "See all of your favorite team's out-of-market games!" Well, I live in what is, notionally, Mariners territory. The Mariners are currently playing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is -- again per Yahoo Maps -- 1762.8 miles from where I live. You know, decidedly out-of-market. Guess what? I am prevented from watching this game due to "sea local blackout restrictions". That's cool and all, except for the fact that the Mariners are not televising this game on Fox Sports Northwest, which is the only way I would be able to see it. The result is that I am completely unable to see this game live. Which is a crock.

I have a question: Does Bend, Oregon -- 493 miles from Oakland and 326 miles from Seattle -- fall into some bizarre grey zone between the two cities, in which I am not allowed to watch either team on for fear that I might not drive the, oh, 6-12 hours it will take to reach either city to watch the game, or might skip some nonexistent broadcast on some channel that I don't get, even with cable? Because if that's the case, it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's like I'm just close enough to both cities that I'm not allowed to be a fan of either team.

Beyond that, though, since both teams are playing AWAY games right now, doesn't your current blackout policy totally violate the promise you make in your ads during ballgames ("watch your favorite team's out-of-market games", in case you'd forgotten, which, you know, I could understand how you might, since it's an out-and-out lie, and who remembers all the lies they've told in their lives, anyway, am I right?)? Because it certainly seems that way to me.

I understand that Major League Baseball is an incompetently run organization of extortioneers masquarading as charitable patriots supporting our national game out of the goodness of their hearts. I was just hoping for more from this website, which surely can't be run directly out of Bud Selig's office. Can it?

Hoping to see, you know, like, one A's game before the season's out,


2006-05-01 20:03:43
3.   Bob Timmermann
Thank you for your comment, but were you trying to post on to something about the topic of

But it's a good complaint letter.

2006-05-01 21:01:49
4.   Voxter
Oops. Sorry. Ignore the above.
2006-05-01 21:17:12
5.   mikethinksblue
that's the greatest complaint letter of all time.

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