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K.C., baseball cards, loyalty and the price of it
2006-05-03 08:39
by Bob Timmermann

J. Brady McCollough of the Kansas City Star has the tale of a man named Chad Carroll who has officially given up on the Royals after 25 years. Carroll auctioned off his 25 years worth of Royals collectibles, including signed baseballs by Bob Hamelin and Angel Berroa.

Thanks to Nick Blakeley for the tip.

Also in Kansas City, Royals prospect Alex Gordon has a card worth close to four figures already as Topps printed his card too soon. Under a new agreement between MLB and Topps, only players on 25-man rosters or ones that played the season before can have a baseball card printed. Topps thinks around 100 Alex Gordons got into circulation before they found out the mistake.

Thanks to a guy who won't mind me checking scores for him during his wedding Sunday.

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