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One year makes a difference - Angels vs Tigers
2006-05-04 10:23
by Bob Timmermann

Starting lineup for the Angels in Detroit:

Chone Figgins 3B
Orlando Cabrera SS
Vladimir Guerrero RF
Garret Anderson LF
Adam Kennedy 2B
OK, not bad so far
Casey Kotchman 1B
Well, he's got mono...
Howie Kendrick DH
Great prospect...
Mike Napoli C
Tommy Murphy CF
Who? Huh?
Kevin Gregg P

Starting lineup for the Tigers
Curtis Granderson CF
Placido Polanco 2B
Alexis Gomez RF
Magglio Ordoñez DH
Carlos Guillen SS
Chris Shelton 1B
Craig Monroe LF
Brandon Inge 3B
Vance Wilson C
Justin Verlander P

Even a lineup where the Tigers rest some of their regulars actually looks better than what the Angels have now.

As Napoli went up to the plate for the first time in the majors, Angels announcer predicted that Napoli would hit a home run. And Napoli ... hit a home run.

2006-05-04 11:34:24
1.   Bob Timmermann
Good thing no Angel fans are reading this to make fun of me.
2006-05-04 12:04:08
2.   ScoobyGoo
I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that concept
2006-05-04 13:46:39
3.   grandcosmo
2. They're just like Dodger fans only they wear red and usually stay until the end of the game.
2006-05-04 13:46:44
4.   Daniel Zappala
Kotchman will turn it around. Homer today.

Napoli is in some circles regarded a better prospect than Mathis. Homer today.

Kendrick is predicted to be the greatest MLB hitter for average since Carew. 1/3 today.

Murphy is the only unusual name there, and his OBP is .398 for the Bees this year. Given what Erstad has become, you could hardly complain about that substitution.

I have no problems with this lineup. Won't entirely solve the power problems the Angels have had, but they should do fine. Their main problem is the pitching has been going down the tubes -- Colon is hurt, Weaver has been bad. But Kevin Gregg can step in and did well today, and Weaver the Younger should be up later this year.

2006-05-04 13:49:29
5.   Cliff Corcoran
At an extra inning game in the Bronx a few years back there were some Angels fans there who wouldn't shut up, really rubbing in the fact that the Yanks blew a late-inning lead and then the game in extras. Between that and thunderstix I don't have happy thoughts about Angels fans, but I know they do indeed exist.
2006-05-04 14:12:48
6.   Johnson
4 Kendrick is predicted to be the greatest MLB hitter for average since Carew.

Doesn't Tony Gwynn already hold that title? They only overlapped for four years.

2006-05-04 15:52:31
7.   Xeifrank
Picked up Kendrick in my keeper league fantasy team off of the waiver wire. Hope he continues to play and doesn't get sent back down. vr, Xei
2006-05-04 16:34:44
8.   das411
6 - And what about that Ichiro! guy?
2006-05-04 17:04:15
9.   Johnson
8 Sure, Ichiro's pretty good. But it turns out Gwynn has .008 higher career average. Ichiro has to settle for the title of Greatest Hitter For Average Since Tony Gwynn!
2006-05-04 22:15:27
10.   Yu-Hsing Chen
9 Ichiro isn't done yet though ;)
2006-05-05 06:47:25
11.   Daniel Zappala
Since Rod Carew played for the Angels, I felt that was the more apt comparison.

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