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Zzzzzzzzzephyrs win!
2006-05-06 20:12
by Bob Timmermann

It took as many innings as it takes hours for Jack Bauer to save the world from destruction while shooting at least that many people in the thigh, but the New Orleans Zephyrs beat the Nashville Sounds, 8-7 in 24 innings in a game that was completed today after being suspended after 18 innings Friday night.

The game tied the PCL record for most innings.

The game was so long that the linescore doesn't display properly in my Firefox browser.

Maybe it didn't really end.

Posted by popular demand. Thanks to Sam and Jon.

I've since noticed that in the 19th inning, New Orleans pitcher Chris Schroder had to stay in the game and play right field as the Zephyrs were out of position players. But not pitchers!

2006-05-06 20:22:14
1.   Shaun P
Wow. That's one hell of a boxscore.

As for the linescore, if you click on it and hit your right arrow key, it actually shifts over to see the end. At least it did for me in Firefox.

2006-05-06 20:31:57
2.   Bob Timmermann
It doesn't do that for me.

Is this a Mac or PC type of thing?

2006-05-06 22:59:32
3.   xaphor
In firefox if you right click on the box score and choose to show only that frame it should open a new window/tab with the whole shabang.
2006-05-07 00:04:28
4.   Linkmeister
I suppose New Orleans being in the Pacific Coast League is equivalent to Louisiana Tech being in the Western Athletic Conference.
2006-05-07 00:14:05
5.   Bob Timmermann

In the words of Ralph Lawler,



2006-05-07 02:09:09
6.   Lasordas Lasagne
Bob, if you're using a Mac, you shouldnt be using Firefox. Try switching to Camino. Its VERY similar to Firefox (Its actually based off of Firefox and designed by the same group) but its MUCH more Mac Friendly. I installed it about a month ago and kept Firefox and Safari incase I didnt like it, but it works really well, and ive since gotten rid of Firefox.

You can get more info and download it for free here:

2006-05-07 09:44:08
7.   Bob Timmermann
I have Camino, but I like Firefox better.

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