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ESPN suspends Sutcliffe for a game
2006-05-13 11:35
by Bob Timmermann

As a result of an unfortunate rambling and likely intoxicated interview on a Padres telecast, the Chicago Tribune is suspending Rick Sutcliffe from his next broadcast. That will be Monday night.

Sutcliffe apologized for his behavior.

2006-05-13 13:52:32
1.   grandcosmo
If thats what it takes to keep him off the air I say buy that man another drink.
2006-05-13 14:43:32
2.   Tommy Naccarato
Grand Cosmo and Timmers,
Sutcliffe used to come into my sister's restaurant yars ago, and from my understanding, he always acted like an ass.
2006-05-13 14:54:51
3.   Bob Timmermann
During the WBC, Eric Karros seemed to be annoyed by Sutcliffe's penchant for talking over him and inserting his opinions all the time.
2006-05-13 14:57:02
4.   Tommy Naccarato
Also, I don't know if this game was in San Digo or not, but for those who didn't know, Bill Murray has a house in or near Fallbrook and is a member at Pauma Valley CC. I guess he bought down there because his brother moved down there and he really enjoys the area.
2006-05-13 15:22:25
5.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, the game in question was played in San Diego.
2006-05-13 16:17:16
6.   grandcosmo
4. B-D Murray is a fellow PD member and according to the member directory lives in Venice.
2006-05-17 08:51:48
7.   Tommy Naccarato
The brother (John Murray) I'm talking about is the youngest one, who starred in that epic classic, Moving Violations.

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