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Random Game Callback, May 29, 1993
2006-05-29 03:59
by Bob Timmermann

Big league baseball finally moved into the Mountain Time Zone in 1993 when the Colorado Rockies began play. The Rockies played their first season (as well as 1994) in Mile High Stadium, where they drew huge crowds. One of the features of play in Denver was lots and lots of offense. But lefthander Terry Mulholland of Philadelphia was able to tame the high altitude for one day, shutting out the Rockies 6-0 before a crowd of 56,263.

The Phillies, managed by Jim Fregosi, were already ahead of Montreal by six games in the NL East. The Rockies, managed by Don Baylor, were in seventh place 17 1/2 games out.

Surprisingly, the game had no extra base hits. There were 14 hits in the game, all singles. The Phillies outfielders had no putouts in the game.

Philadelphia scored in the first inning when catcher Darren Daulton hit a sacrifice fly to score center fielder Lenny Dykstra. The Phillies added three more in the fourth on RBI singles by third baseman Dave Hollins, Daulton, and a sacrifice fly from right fielder Wes Chamberlain. John Kruk singled home two more runs in the fourth to wrap up the scoring. The Phillies did all of their damage against starting pitcher Willie Blair.

Mulholland needed just 99 pitches for the shutout, 66 of them for strikes. He walked just one batter and struck out two. He also hit a batter.

After the game, Baylor was impressed. "If you told me that we'd get shut out in this ballpark, with all the right-handed hitters that we have, I just wouldn't have believed it," Baylor said.

The Rockies would not be a success in the Won-Loss column, finishing 67-95 and in sixth place, 37 games behind first place Atlanta. But the Rockies were a hit at the box office. They drew 4,483,350 fans to Mile High Stadium, an alltime record in Major League baseball. The Rockies managed to draw 70,069 people for their final home game. The Rockies were 39-42 at home and 28-53 on the road.

First baseman Andres Galarrraga was the team's leading hitter as well as the league's with a .370 average. Third baseman Charlie Hayes led the team with 25 home runs. The pitching staff had an ERA of 5.41 which was .64 worse than the next worst team, Pittsburgh. Armando Reynoso had an ERA of 4.00 and a 12-11 record. Darren Holmes managed to pick up 25 saves.

As for the Phillies, it was a much different story. They won the NL East with a 97-65 record, three games better than Montreal. The Phillies surprised the Braves in the LCS in six games, but would lose to Toronto in the World Series in six games.

Dykstra was the team's offensive leader, batting .305 with 19 home runs. He had an OPS+ of 143. Kruk batted .316 and had an OPS+ of 144.

The four main starting pitchers, Mulholland, Curt Schilling, Tommy Greene, and Danny Jackson all had ERA+ of 100 or more. Mitch Williams managed to pick up 43 saves while driving Philadelphia fans crazy with 44 walks in 62 innings of work. Williams gave up three home runs during the regular season. And one very big one in the post season.

Sources: Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, Retrosheet,

2006-05-29 10:15:24
1.   das411
Just so everyone knows, I had nothing to do with Bob "randomly" selecting this game.

But thanks anyways Bob! Those dudes were the scrappiest sabermetric team EVER, no?

2006-05-29 10:43:53
2.   Bob Timmermann
I needed a Rockies game for the set too.

6 of the 8 regulars had an OPS+ over 100. All but Morandini and Thompson.

The Phillies had a team OPS+ of 116, which was the highest in the NL.

2006-05-29 16:52:38
3.   das411
Ahh and how many platoons were there out of the regular 8 positions Bob?
2006-05-29 22:29:23
4.   grandcosmo
John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, Mitch Williams... Quite a modern day Algonquin Roundtable they had going there.

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