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The Griddle's first and last film review
2006-05-20 09:17
by Bob Timmermann

Perhaps not a true review, but my thoughts after seeing The Da Vinci Code

  • No one can solve a "Jumble" puzzle better than Tom Hanks.
  • No one plays an albino, self-flagellating, sociopathic monk better than Paul Bettany.
  • Always handy to have a jet on hand for quick escapes.
  • Not to Ron Howard: It's dark at night, light during the day, keep this in mind for future films.
  • The organizational abilities of the Catholic Church are never as good as depicted in films. If you want to see something Catholics are good at organizing, they should have shown Alfred Molina running a pancake dinner.
  • All the supporting documentation of any organization nearly 2000 years old can fit into a room a little bit bigger than my bedroom.
  • Jack Bauer would have found the Holy Grail faster by just shooting everybody in the thigh.

2006-05-20 10:42:56
1.   Vishal
OT, but i need to vent: after giving ryan church only 23 at-bats in the entirety of may so far, they sent him back down to AAA. thank goodness i'm not a nationals fan, because robinson and bowden are insufferable morons.
2006-05-20 11:00:21
2.   Rich Lederer
Maybe talking about Ryan CHURCH in The Da Vinci Code film review isn't off topic!
2006-05-20 11:07:41
3.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Bowden is probably pretty good at solving "Jumble" puzzles too.

I think Vishal needs to be more like Paul Bettany's character right now.

2006-05-20 11:20:51
4.   sanchez101
My guess is that Bowden is a little to much attention to batting average, Church is hitting .215. His OPS is pretty much identical to last year though. He'll be in Boston, Oakland or Cleveland by the allstar break.
2006-05-20 17:49:53
5.   Andrew Shimmin
The Reds signed Joe Mays to a minor league contract? Outrageous!
2006-05-20 17:54:27
6.   Bob Timmermann
That's supposed to be your comment when I review "Poseidon".
2006-05-20 18:16:21
7.   Steve
The Devil Rays are signing Jose Lima! Unconscionable!
2006-05-20 18:33:48
8.   Andrew Shimmin
The Griddle's first and last film review

Got to get while the gettings good.

2006-05-20 18:45:55
9.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to write more film reviews now.

Just out of spite.

2006-05-20 19:09:56
10.   Andrew Shimmin
Cool. The next one has to be R.V. YOUR READERSHIP DEMANDS IT!

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