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And you thought the 1919 White Sox were bad
2006-05-26 13:52
by Bob Timmermann

Starting today, (for no real good reason except I found the article interesting), there will start being posts here about the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Germany, which starts on June 9.

I will try to put "World Cup" in the headline, so those who aren't interested, can just skip by it. But since at least three of us here on the Toaster care about the World Cup, including Ken, who uses the political principle of "one guy sitting by the server, lots and lots of votes." So the vote in favor of soccer posts was as one-sided as a North Korean election. Fortunately, Ken is not a developing nuclear power, but I have heard rumors.

But today, for those who haven't read about it yet, check out the worsening crisis in Italian soccer which centers around national powerhouse Juventus.

The Italian national team is in the same group (E) as the USA, along with Ghana and the Czech Republic.

2006-05-26 14:16:43
1.   Ken Arneson
You heard it here first: the next version of Fairpole will have a fusion reactor as its engine.
2006-05-26 14:51:48
2.   Zak
Of course the thing that makes it different here is the players do not seem to be involved, with the exception of Buffon, who is the Italian national team goalkeeper. And it's is unclear how he is involved, although I have my theories.
2006-05-26 15:58:07
3.   Linkmeister
1 Er, "Cold" fusion? 'Cause then you'd be either another fraud or soon-to-be wealthier than your wildest dreams.
2006-05-26 16:13:38
4.   DXMachina
So, you're saying we're sharing server space with Diebold?

Can we get some flying cars once you're done with the fusion thing?

2006-05-26 16:26:09
5.   Ken Arneson
Flying cars? Heck no. When I'm done with the (warm, not cold) fusion reactor, I'm moving straight on to teleporters.
2006-05-26 16:33:52
6.   Bob Timmermann
Then Ken will get his Nobel Prize and get a free trip to Sweden to pick it up. But he won't stay in a fancy hotel. He'll just stay with relatives.

I believe that if you win a Nobel you get to advise the people at the awards ceremony what you want served at the banquet. That was the impression I got from the tour guide.

2006-05-26 17:47:27
7.   Ken Arneson
I only have one relative living in Stockholm right now. His apartment has a nice view, but it is teensy weensy. So unless he upgrades, I'd probably stay at the hotel, since the Nobel Committee will probably be paying for it, anyway.

He got to go to the banquet one time, as a reporter.

2006-05-26 17:48:45
8.   Zak
Why does Ken need a free trip? Can't he just teleport himself?
2006-05-26 17:57:12
9.   Zak
The countdown clock on has a problem. Right now it is showing as time to opening game as 14:00:00:00 days, which is not right. I'm wondering if the error is because the World Cup starts at 18:00 on 6/9, it reads current time as 18:00 on my computer and says exactly 14 days to the WC, instead of adjust for the time zone and saying there are 13:15:00:00 (13 days and 15 hours) left. Or is it just a mistake somebody made in calculating time? Sorry to hijack Ken's Nobel party thread, but I had nowhere else to take my concern.
2006-05-26 18:00:37
10.   Bob Timmermann
The website has some problems because I couldn't sign up for text alerts right now either.
2006-05-27 09:53:35
11.   Sandus
The Italian Leagues are the weakest of the bunch anyway. I'd go so far as to say that the Eredivisie has surpassed them in terms of talent. I just don't understand how anybody could think that Juventus or AC Milan actually needed games fixed for them.

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