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And they gave him a save!
2006-05-28 14:55
by Bob Timmermann

After 8 innings, Boston led Tampa Bay, 5-0, then:
Top 9th: Tampa Bay
- R. Seanez relieved T. Wakefield
- J. Gomes walked
- J. Gomes to second on fielder's indifference
- T. Wigginton struck out swinging
- R. Branyan lined out to first
- T. Lee walked
- J. Paul walked, J. Gomes to third, T. Lee to second
- G. Norton hit for T. Perez
- J. Tavarez relieved R. Seanez
- G. Norton struck out, reached on passed ball, J. Gomes scored, T. Lee to third, J. Paul to second on passed ball
- J. Gathright walked, T. Lee scored, J. Paul to third, G. Norton to second
- J. Lugo walked, J. Paul scored, G. Norton to third, J. Gathright to second
- C. Crawford singled to left, G. Norton scored, J. Gathright out at home, J. Lugo to second

4 runs, 1 hits, 0 errors
Tampa Bay 4, Boston 5

Tavarez was given a save after getting one out (Gathright at home) and giving up two walks and a single. To be fair to Tavarez, he should have gotten out of the inning except Mirabelli let a third strike get past him.

2006-05-29 08:59:20
1.   Stevenalpert
In the famous pine tar game, Gossage faced exactly one batter (George Brett). As it was oringinally determined that Brett was out on his HR, Gossage was credited with a save. Later the outcome of the game was redetermined. Dan Q ended up with the save. I still feel the wrong team won, but Gossage never should have been credited w/that save.

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