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Get your brackets ready!
2006-05-29 11:01
by Bob Timmermann

The 64 teams in the NCAA Division I baseball tournament were announced today.

The top eight seeds are Clemson (47-14), Rice (50-10), Texas (40-19), Alabama (41-19), Cal St. Fullerton (43-13), Nebraska (42-15), Georgia (41-19) and Georgia Tech (45-16).

The teams are grouped into 16 4-team groups. Each group plays a double-elimination tournament to pick a winner. Those 16 winners are then paired up in "super-regionals" where eight sets of two teams play another double elimination tournament. The winners of those eight tournaments move on to Omaha for the College World Series, which will start June 16, around the time the NBA Finals will be at Game 2 I think.

There are five first-time participants in Lehigh, UNC Asheville, Prairie View, USF, and Sacred Heart. The latter is in Fairfield, Connecticut if you were wondering. Princeton made the tournament with a 19-24-1 record.

The best place to check for previews of this tournament will be at Baseball Analysts where Rich and Bryan probably can fill out a bracket sheet for this tournament. Their preview hasn't been written yet mainly because there is a limit as to how fast someone can write. But check there for the best info.

I'll post periodic updates during the tournament, which starts June 2.

USA Today capsules

2006-05-29 12:14:04
1.   Linkmeister
Phew. UH must have been sweating. It's been screwed by the NCAA so many times in so many different sports (male & female!) that unless it wins its conference tournament it doesn't expect to get in.
2006-05-29 12:29:17
2.   Bob Timmermann
And the 'Bows get a trip to Corvallis.

I'm sure they will enjoy the trip.

2006-05-29 13:45:37
3.   BruceR
The son of my wife's first cousin (Bob, I'll leave the proper relationship name to you) is on the USD team in CSUF's bracket -- the same USD who swept mighty Texas in three on the first weekend of the year (big deal then, not now). In fact, he was the Freshman of the Year in the WCC after having spurned a Padres draft offer last summer.

So for the first time in a long time that they have been in it, I will be rooting against the Titans.

!!! GO TOREROS !!!

2006-05-29 14:08:13
4.   Bob Timmermann
The son of your wife's first cousin is your first cousin, once removed.

Unless of course that cousin is only related to your wife through marriage.

If that's the case, all bets are off and you two can legally get married in Canada or the Netherlands.

2006-05-29 14:53:52
5.   BruceR
4 Thanks for the relationship info, Bob. Just to clear, it's my wife and the player's Mother who are the first cousins. I am the one related via marriage. So I guess I'll start referring to him as my first-cousin-once-removed-in-law (or fcoril, for short).

Now, my fcoril is a great kid (along with being an excellent ballplayer, obviously), but to be just as clear about something else, there are not now nor will there ever be any plans for us to take a trip together to either of the two places you mentioned. In fact, you may have even negated me ever going to see him play in either a WBC away game against the Netherlands or in a game for/against the Blue Jays in Toronto. Since we are from neither of those countries and not from Tennessee nor Kentucky, we do not condone fcoril -- or fcor, for that matter -- marriage.

Happy Memorial Day !!!

!!! GO TOREROS !!!

2006-05-29 15:45:20
6.   Bob Timmermann
I believe that with an FCORIL, you aren't required to buy them Christmas presents or even send a card.

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