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NCAA tournament roundup
2006-06-04 16:34
by Bob Timmermann

I'm using this thread and updating it as the tournament goes on.

Each regional had four teams and they played double elimination. They are listed in order of seeding. The team left that is undefeated is in bold. The teams eliminated are struck out. The other two teams will play an elimination game tomorrow and the winner will play the team in bold. If necessary, there will be another game Monday.

Also, the winner of the two adjoining brackets will meet June 9-12 in a super-regional. For example, Clemson winner plays Fayetteville winner, etc.

Clemson Regional:
Clemson, Elon, Mississippi State, UNC Asheville Clemson advances to play Oral Roberts in super-regional

Fayetteville Regional:
Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Oral Roberts, Princeton Oral Roberts advances to play Clemson in super-regional

Lexington Regional:
Kentucky, College of Charleston, Notre Dame, Ball State College of Charleston advances to play Georgia Tech in super-regional

Atlanta Regional:
Georgia Tech, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Stetson Georgia Tech advances to play College of Charleston in super-regional

Fullerton Regional:
Cal State Fullerton, Fresno State, San Diego, Saint Louis Cal State Fullerton advances to super-regional against Malibu regional winner.

Malibu Regional:
Pepperdine, UCLA, UC Irvine, Missouri Pepperdine plays Missouri in elimination game Monday

Chapel Hill Regional:
North Carolina, Winthrop, UNC Wilmington, Maine North Carolina wins and will play Alabama in super-regional

Tuscaloosa Regional:
Alabama, Troy, Southern Mississippi, Jacksonville State Alabama wins and will play North Carolina in super-regional

Houston Regional:
Rice, Arizona State, Baylor, Prairie View This region has had its games delayed one day by rain, Rice and Baylor will play Monday. Rice needs one win to advance and Baylor needs two.

Norman Regional:
Oklahoma, Houston, Wichita State, TCU Oklahoma and Wichita State will play elimination game Monday.

Charlottesville Regional:
Virginia, South Carolina, Evansville, Lehigh South Carolina and Evansville will play elimination game tomorrow.

Athens Regional:
Georgia, Florida State, Jacksonville, Sacred Heart Georgia plays Florida State in elimination game Monday

Lincoln Regional:
Nebraska, Miami, San Francisco, Manhattan Miami advances to super-regional against Mississippi

Oxford Regional:
Mississippi, Tulane, South Alabama, Bethune-Cookman Mississippi advances to super-regional against Miami

Corvallis Regional:
Oregon State, Kansas, Hawaii, Wright State Oregon State advances to play Stanford in super-regional

Austin Regional:
Texas, North Carolina State, Stanford, Texas Arlington Stanford advances to play Oregon State in super-regional

2006-06-03 21:12:48
1.   Jon Weisman
2006-06-03 21:18:48
2.   Bob Timmermann
Dare I try to drive to Malibu after I get off work at 5:30 tomorrow for the second game at Pepperdine. It starts at 6. I'm thinking that I might not be able to make it until after 7 with beach traffic.
2006-06-03 23:09:51
3.   Linkmeister
UH lost its WAC Pitcher of the Year to flu yesterday when he was scheduled to pitch against Kansas, and the bullpen couldn't hold a five-run lead. Now we get to play 'em again tomorrow morning. At least we know we can score against the Jayhawks.
2006-06-04 08:56:34
4.   Jon Weisman
2 - What are the odds the game starts on time?
2006-06-04 10:04:26
5.   Bob Timmermann
The first game starts at 2.

Yesterday's first game at Malibu went 14.

2006-06-04 10:47:37
6.   Bob Timmermann
Good thing I double checked the times. I looked at the Eastern start times.

The games in Malibu start at 11 and 3 locally.

So, no Malibu for me today.

2006-06-04 23:54:15
7.   Linkmeister
Ouch. UH lost 12-3 to OSU. Last I knew it was 5-3 and UH had the bases loaded with two down, but the hitter lined out to shortstop. If that had gotten through the game might have been tied, and who knows what might have happened.

Ah well, it was a great year for the kids. First 40-win season in quite a while, first regional since 1993.

2006-06-05 00:04:53
8.   Bob Timmermann
Fullerton and Fresno State are still playing and it's just the seventh inning.

I'm glad I passed on attending that.

2006-06-05 15:06:03
9.   Voxter
This year, Oregon State is 42-14 (to date). My brother and I attended five games. How many of those games did they win? One. And that was the day it rained. Oh well.

Anyway, they got hosed in the regional seeding (sigh), but luckily Texas assed out in their regional. I'm reasonably optimistic about the Stanford series.

2006-06-05 15:24:31
10.   Bob Timmermann
The host sites for the super-regionals will be announced later, but I would think Oregon State would host Stanford since the Beavers are a top 8 seed.

Oregon State won all 3 games from Stanford during the regular season.

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