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Heard during the Giants-Mets game
2006-06-04 12:09
by Bob Timmermann

1. In one of those familiar canned commerical that Fox regional networks use to advertise the teams they show, there was an ad with this voiceover: "The Giants are aiming at a division title. But will need to beat the National League's elite to reach the postseason. Standing in the way is Miguel Cabrera and the Florida Marlins ..."
2. Announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper were hoping that catcher Eliezer Alfonzo would be able to get a jersey with his name spelled correctly on it when the Giants got back home. The present jersey reads "Alfonso". I think Mr. Alfonzo will be OK since the Giants don't use names on their home jerseys.
3. On the way out to a commercial, Kuiper called the Mets "the Dodgers."

In the case of #1, I'm pretty sure that the people at Fox just record all those at the beginning of the year. I've heard the Fox network that handles the Pirates speak of a Pirates-Marlins series in similar tones.

2006-06-04 12:43:26
1.   scareduck
In the case of #1, it would have had to have been recorded two years ago — or else assembled by someone who had no knowledge of current events in baseball whatsoever. Everybody even remotely paying attention knew the Fish were going to be awful this year before the season started.
2006-06-04 13:12:53
2.   das411
Was Dontrelle scheduled to pitch that game maybe? And perhaps FOX is super up to date and noticing that Hanley and Uggla are actually a decent double play combo...?
2006-06-04 13:32:11
3.   Bob Timmermann
You are giving the Fox promo people WAY TOO MUCH credit there.
2006-06-04 15:33:31
4.   Vishal
maybe they were referring to the league's elite players, rather than meaning elite teams. miguel cabrera is certainly elite.

and perhaps the giants get their road jerseys distributed to them at home in san francisco?

2006-06-04 15:37:19
5.   Vishal
the mets, however, are certainly not the dodgers.
2006-06-04 15:38:47
6.   Bob Timmermann
I backed up the DVR to listen to the ad again.
It said "teams".

As for the uniforms, you would think that the Giants equipment guy would have thought to use "Alfonzo" since there had a player by that name on the team last year.

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