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Sopranos season finale thread - if you have already watched
2006-06-04 22:14
by Bob Timmermann


Not as much as finale to the season as a resting spot before the final episodes. David Chase again brings back a recurring character from "The Rockford Files." Greg Antonacci hadn't had any acting credits since he did a "Rockford" back in 1979. Sort of like how George Loros (Ray Curto) was brought back.

I wonder if Chase has them all on a retainer or something.

2006-06-04 22:36:25
1.   Sandus
I was really annoyed by the way this ended. After all the buildup of a possible hit, I at least wanted to know who the target was. And I was BEGGING for Phil Leotardo to die.

AJ's Dominican girlfriend is a great new character. Eventually he's gonna have to grow some nuts though.

2006-06-04 23:14:44
2.   Bob Timmermann
I think people expect that every Sopranos episode is supposed to end in a bloodbath. And I don't think any of them have.
2006-06-05 00:31:39
3.   dzzrtRatt
Chase defies expectations. This is an episode that absolutely no one will be talking about six months from now when the new episodes are shown. Chase is so ridiculously confident his audience will come back, he figured, f^^^ it, I'll end on a nice Christmas note. In July.

I guess what's pending is Christopher's fate. His stakes are the highest now: Drugs, the baby, Julliana, how Tony's going to react, is he on Phil's list, and is anyone going to put Adriana to rest?

Everyone else seems to have solved their problems. Paulie's fighting cancer, and he's back with his Mom/Aunt. Bobby and Janis -- happy in their new nest. Carmela's no longer wrestling with her conscience, just opening her apron to catch the gold pieces falling from the sky. AJ is finding himself. Tony gets to chase women and loves his wife. Silvio always seemed to have things figured out. That just leaves Christopher, what the collateral damage is from his inevitable downfall, and whether he goes to the hell he glimpsed on his own deathbed a few seasons back.

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