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It's feeling drafty here
2006-06-06 09:18
by Bob Timmermann

For those wanting a place to talk about draft picks of a general nature, you can use this thread. Draft Central

First round order:
First Round
1. Royals
2. Rockies
3. Devil Rays
4. Pirates
5. Mariners
6. Tigers
7. Dodgers
8. Reds
9. Orioles
10. Giants
11. Diamondbacks
12. Rangers
13. Cubs
14. Blue Jays
15. Nationals
16. Brewers
17. Padres
18. Phillies (from Mets for type A Wagner)
19. Marlins
20. Twins
21. Yankees (from Phillies for type A Gordon)
22. Nationals (from Athletics for type B Loaiza)
23. Astros
24. Braves
25. Angels (from Indians for type B Byrd)
26. Dodgers (fron Angels for type A Weaver)
27. Red Sox
28. Red Sox (from Yankees for type A Damon)
29. White Sox
30. Cardinals

Thanks to Voxter for putting the names of the picks in the comments and actually making me a somewhat productive worker today!

2006-06-06 10:16:36
1.   Voxter
First Eight:

1. Royals -- Luke Hochevar, RHP, independent league
2. Rox -- Greg Reynolds, RHP, Stanford U
3. D Rays -- Evan Longoria, 3B, Long Beach State
4. Pirates -- Brad Lincoln, RHP, U of Houston
5. Mariners -- Brandon Morrow, RHP, UC Berkley
6. Tigers -- Andrew Miller, LHP, UNC Chapel Hill
7. Dodgers -- Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Highland Park HS
8. Reds -- Robert Stubbs, CF, Texas

They're moving fast now . . .

2006-06-06 10:22:57
2.   Voxter
Next Eight:

9. Orioles -- William Rowell, 3B, Bishop Eustace Prep
10. Giants -- Tim Lincecum, RHP, U of Washington (I saw him strike out 4 dudes in 1 inning this year!)
11. DBacks -- Max Scherzer, RHP, U Missouri-Columbia
12. Rangers -- Kasey Kiker, LHP, Russel County HS
13. Cubs -- Tyler Colvin, LF, Clemson
14. Jays -- Travis Snider, RF, Jackson High School
15. Nats -- Christopher Marrero, OF, Monsignor Edward Pace HS
16. Brew Crew -- Jeremy Jefress, RHP, Halifax Co HS

2006-06-06 10:28:11
3.   Voxter
Third Eight:

17. Friars -- Matthew Antonelli, 3B, Wake Forest
18. Phils -- Kyle Drabek, SS, Woodlands HS (Doug's son)
19. Marlins -- Bret Sinkbeil, RHP, Missouri State
20. Twins -- Chris Parmelee, RF, Chino Hills HS
21. Yankees -- Ian Kennedy, RHP, USC
22. Nats -- Colten Willems, RHP, John Carrol HS
23. Maxwell Sapp, C, Bishop Moore HS
24. Braves -- John Johnson (tee hee), OF, A. Crawford Moseley HS

2006-06-06 10:43:08
4.   Voxter
Ugh, it ate my list of the final six:

25. Angels -- Hun Choi Conger, C, Huntington Beach HS
26. Bums -- Avery Morris, RHP, Motlow St. CC
27. Red Sox -- Jason Place, CF, Wren HS
28. Their Sox Are Still Red -- Daniel Bard, RHP, UNC Chapel Hill
29. White Sox -- Kyle McCulloch, RHP, Texas
30. Cards -- Adam Ottavino, RHP, Northeastern U

2006-06-06 10:48:13
5.   Voxter
So, let's see, that's fifteen college guys, one guy from the Independent League, one from community college, which leaves 13 from high school, right?

I think a lot of people were surprised to see the Jays hake a high schooler in the first round, but they've long been sticking to a quasi-sabermetric college-first orthodoxy, and it's left their system low on high-ceiling talent.

I think that the Rockies made a huge mistake in taking Reynolds that high; Lincecum's better now and likely to be in the future. If you want my opinion, which you probably don't.

Also, the Dodgers lucked out getting Morris at 26; I'd read a couple of different things saying he wouldn't get past the Braves and Angels.

Funniest names in the first round: A tie between Texas' Kasey Kiker and the Braves' John Johnson.

Dodgers & Orioles kick off the second round . . .

2006-06-06 10:52:54
6.   Voxter
Excuse me, that's the sandwich round, which appears to be Timmerman's favorite. I'll take my sandwich with tasty, flag-roasted babies, please.
2006-06-06 11:06:16
7.   Voxter
Sandwiches! The First Thirteen:

31. Dodgers -- Preston Mattingly, SS, Evansville Central HS
32. O's -- Pedro Beato, RHP, St. Petersburg JC
33. Gigantes -- Emmanuel Burris, SS, Kent State
34. Snakes -- Brooks Brown, RHP, Georgia
35. Pads -- Kyler Burke, RF, Ooltewah HS
36. Marlins -- Christopher Coghlan, 3B, Mississippi
37. Phils -- Adriean Cardenas, SS, Monsignor Edward Pace HS
38. Braves -- Cory Rasmus, RHP, Russel County HS
39. Cleveland Baseball Club -- David Huff, LHP, UCLA
40. BoSox -- Kristofer Johnson, LHP, Witchita State
41. Evil Empire -- Joba Chamberlain, RHP, Nebraska
42. Cards -- Christopher Perez, RHP, Miami
43. Braves -- Steven Evarts, LHP, Robinson HS

2006-06-06 11:07:27
8.   Voxter
I've always been partial to tunafish, when I couldn't get babies:

44. Red Sox -- Caleb Clay, RHP, Cullman HS

And now the second round . . .

2006-06-06 11:10:57
9.   Voxter
That's six high school, one juco, and seven college guys in the supplemental first round, if my math is right. Despite indications that this year's high school class was weak, it remains pretty even.
2006-06-06 11:13:35
10.   Voxter
Second Round

First Six:

45. Royals -- Jason Taylor, SS, Floyd E Kellam HS
46. Rox -- David Christensen, OF, MStoneman Douglas HS
47. Joshua Butler, RHP, U San Diego
48. Pirates -- Michael Felix, LHP, Troy University
49. Mariners -- Christopher Tillman, RHP, Fountain Valley HS
50. Los Tigres del Norte -- Ronald Bourquin, 3B, Ohio State

2006-06-06 11:17:59
11.   Voxter
Second Six:

51. Braves -- Jefferey Locke, LHP, A. Crosby Kennet Sr. HS
52. Reds -- Sean Watson, RHP, Tennesse
53. Padres -- Chad Huffman, 2B, Texas Christian
54. Cardinals -- Thomas Furnish, LHP, Texas Christian (not a typo, at least by me -- two in a row!)
55. D-Backs -- Brett Anderson, LHP, Stillwater HS
56. Indians -- Steven Wright, RHP, Hawaii (Awesome pick, if you ask me . . .)

2006-06-06 11:22:09
12.   Voxter
Third Six:

57. Indians (again) -- Joshua Rodriguez, 2B, Rice
58. Orioles -- Ryan Adams, 3B, Jesuit HS
59. Nationals -- Sean Black, RHP, Lenape HS
60. Brewers -- Brent Brewer (fitting, eh?), SS, Sandy Creek HS
61. Padres -- Wade Leblanc, LHP, Alabama-Tuscaloosa
62. Mets -- Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Villanova

2006-06-06 11:28:38
13.   Voxter
Fourth Six:

63. Marlins -- Thomas Hickman, CF, Pepperell HS
64. Twins -- William Benson, LF, Joliet Catholic Academy
65. Phillies -- Andrew Carpenter, RHP, CSU-Long Beach
66. Athletics -- Trevor Cahill, RHP, Vista HS
67. Astros --Sergio Perez, RHP, University of Tampa
68. Braves --Dustin Evans, RHP, Georgia Southern U

2006-06-06 11:33:21
14.   Voxter
Final Six:

69. Indians -- Wesley Hodges, 3B, Georgia Tech
70. Nats -- Stephen Englund, OF, Bellevue HS
71. Red Sox -- Justin Masterson, RHP, San Diego State
72. Braves -- Robert Fontaine, SS, Daytona Beach CC
73. White Sox -- Matthew Long, RHP, Miami
74. Cardinals -- Jonathan Jay, OF, Miami

2006-06-06 11:37:14
15.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks for doing my work for me since I don't have to time to keep up with this today.

Pesky work responsibilities.

2006-06-06 11:46:59
16.   Voxter
Well, the Braves continue a policy of drafting out of their back yard, at least sort of: Every single pick they've made so far comes from south of the Mason-Dixon line. Evarts, Johnson, and Fontaine are all coming out of Florida schools; Evans obviously comes from a Georgia institution; Rasmus comes from Alabama. I've always found this to be an interesting strategy and remarkably effective -- but also extremely hard to replicate, for a few reasons:

1) Most teams play in cooler climes, where there certainly is amateur talent, but not as much as historically there has been from the South and Southwest.

2) The Braves' region-wide exposure through TBS helps them a lot, I'd imagine, beaming them into homes in Alabama and Mississippi and Florida, making them more attractive to hot young prospects from the south.

3) Most teams' scouting departments just aren't as good. This is more transient than the other two, and not universally true, but there you have it.

Other than that, I have to say I was disappointed, but not surprised, not to see my boy Dallas Buck go in the first two rounds. He has a weird, weird motion, and I kept reading reports of lost velocity; anyway, he was less dominating this year than last, and was clearly behind Lincecum and Reynolds in the race for best pitcher in the Pac-10.

I giggled when I saw that the Brewers had picked Brent Brewer, who is sadly not from Wisconsin, but New Orleans. I hope he turns out to be a big star; Baseball America certainly likes his speed, ranking him the third-fastest HS guy in this draft, at least on the basepaths.

Lastly, the Cards can only hope that their last pick will have a career anywhere near as illustrious as his sort-of namesake, John Jay, who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, among many other extremely momentous things.

2006-06-06 11:47:31
17.   Voxter
My pleasure. The joys of self-employment.
2006-06-06 11:52:48
18.   Voxter
Second Round, compensation picks:

75. Cleveland -- Matthew McBride, C, Lehigh University
76. Cardinals -- Mark Hamilton, 1B, Tulane

2006-06-06 12:04:51
19.   Bob Timmermann
I first read that statement incorrectly and it shows the influence of being a guy working in a public building with free internet access for anybody who walks in.
2006-06-06 12:07:10
20.   Voxter
Third Round

77. Royals -- Blake Wood, RHP, Georgia Tech
78. Rox -- Keith Weiser, LHP, Miami
79. D-Rays -- Nicholas Fuller, RHP, Kell HS
80. Pirates -- Shelby Ford, 2B, Oklahoma State
81. Mariners -- Antony Butler, LHP, Oak Creek HS
82. Tigers -- Brennan Boesch, CF, EC Berkeley
83. Red Sox -- Aaron Bates, 1B, NC State
84. Reds -- Christopher Valaika, SS, UC Santa Barbara
85. Orioles -- Zachary Britton, LHP, Weatherford HS
86. D-Backs -- Dallas Buck, RHP, Oregon State (my man! there you are!)
87. D-Backs (again) -- Kevin Kankerd, LF, USC
88. Rangers -- Chad Tracy, C, Pepperdine
89. Giants -- Clayton Tanner, LHP, De La Salle HS
90. Marlins -- Torre Langley, C, Robert S. Alexander HS
91. Nats -- Stephen King, SS, Winter Park HS (drat -- was hoping he'd go to Boston)
92. Brewers -- Cole Gillespie, LF, Oregon State
93. Padres -- Cedric Hunter, CF, Martin Luther King HS
94. Mets -- Joseph Smith, RHP, Wright State
95. Marlins -- Scott Cousins, LF, U San Francisco
96. Twins -- Tyler Robertson, LHP, Bella Vista HS
97. Phillies -- Jason Donald, SS, Arizona
98. Athletics -- Matthew Sulentic, OF, Hillcrest HS
99. Astros -- Nick Moresi, CF, Fresno State
100. Braves -- Chad Rodgers, LHP, Walsh Jesuit HS (Ohio -- first non-Dixie pick)
101. Indians -- Adam Davis, SS, Florida
102. Angels -- Russel Moldenhauer, OF, Boerne HS
103. Red Sox -- Bryson Cox, RHP, Rice
104. Yanks -- Zachary McAllister, RHP, Illinois Valley Central High
105. White Sox -- Justin Edwards, LHP, Olympia HS
106. Cardinals -- Gary Daley, RHP, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (home of the world's oldest motel!)

I quit paying attention for a few minutes, and got behind, but that's the whole third round. Went super-fast.

2006-06-06 12:11:46
21.   Voxter
Quick thoughts:

Emphasis shifts a little toward college players in later rounds, with the split 17-13 in the third round, no juco or independent leagues, and similar in the second round. I think that's where you're seeing the weakness of the high school class.

I wish I knew more about Cole Gillespie's draft status -- do people think he's going back to school? Cos, from what I've seen, he's the real deal. Power to all fields, and though he's been playing LF, he's not terrible in center. But I'm what you might call "the untrained eye".

2006-06-06 12:14:58
22.   Adam B
The baseball draft in general is pretty quick. That's why I hope it doesn't go on TV. Advertising and creating hype will slow it down a lot.
2006-06-06 12:16:17
23.   Voxter
Oops, one note that I forgot to include above: The Rangers drafted Chad Tracy out of Pepperdine with the 88th overall pick; Tracy is the son of Pirates manager Jim Tracy. I leave it to you to judge whether or not that's a good thing.
2006-06-06 12:17:22
24.   Adam B
By the way, thanks for doing the draft, I'm at work and my computer has Flash 6, not 7 or 8, so I can't follow the draft on
2006-06-06 12:22:08
25.   Voxter
Fourth Round

First Six:

107. Royals -- Derrick Robinson, OF, PK Yonge Laboratory School
108. Rockies -- Craig Baker, RHP, Cal State-Northridge
109. D-Rays -- Alexander Cobb, RHP, Vero Beach Senior HS
110. Pirates -- William Hughes, RHP, Cal State-Long Beach
111. Mariners -- Enrique Orta, RHP, Miami
112. Tigers -- Ryan Strieby, 1B, Kentucky

2006-06-06 12:26:31
26.   Voxter
Second Six:

113. Dodgers -- Kyle Orr, 1B, Lambrick Park Secondary School
114. Reds -- Justin Reed, CF, Hillcres Christian HS
115. O's -- Blake Davis, SS, Cal State-Fullerton
116. Giants -- Benjamin Snyder, LHP, Ball State
117. Diamondbacks -- Kevin Thompson, RHP, Pensacola JC
118. Rangers -- Marcus Lemon, SS, Eustis HS

2006-06-06 12:31:44
27.   Voxter
Third Six:

119. Twins -- Whitney Robbins, 1B, Georgia Tech
120. Team Canada -- Brandon Magee, RHP, Bradley University
121. Team America -- Glenn Gibson, LHP, Center Moriches HS
122. Brewers -- Evan Anundsen, RHP, Columbine HS (huh)
123. Padres -- Nethanial Culp, LHP, Missouri-Columbia
124. Mets -- John Holdzkom, RHP, Salt Lake CC

120 & 121 are the Jays and Nats, if that wasn't clear.

2006-06-06 12:35:43
28.   Voxter
Fourth Six:

125. Marlins -- Hector Correa, RHP, Lorenzo Coballes Gandia
126. Twins -- Darrett Olson, 3B, Franklin Pierce College
127. Phillies -- D'Arby Myers, CF, Westchester HS
128. A's -- Chad Lee, RHP, Barton County CC
129. Astros -- Christopher Johnson, 3B, Stetson U
130. Braves -- Gary Hyde, LHP, Georgia Tech

2006-06-06 12:42:17
29.   Voxter
Final Six:

131. Indians -- Judson Morris, LHP, South Mecklenburg HS
132. Los Angeles de Los Angeles -- Clayton Fuller, OF, Smithson Valley HS
133. BoSox -- Jonathan Still, C, NC State
134. Yankees -- Colin Curtis, RF, Arizona State
135. ChiSox -- Tyler Reves, C, Texas Tech
136. Cards -- Edward Degerman, RHP, Rice

2006-06-06 12:54:45
30.   Voxter
Gosh, I hope there's a break, I'm getting hungry.

Anyway. Lorenzo Coballes Gandia is in Hatillo, Puerto Rico, which puts me in mind of one of baseball's oddities: The fact that American, Canadian and Puerto Rican players are drafted, while everybody else is just a free-for-all, who can throw the best money at the best guys. The players' association likes this, for obvious reasons, and that big pinko Bud Selig hates it, also for obvious reasons. Me? Honestly, I don't care that much. Maybe it's that the two teams I follow -- Boston and Seattle -- have money for this kind of thing. It seems a little inequitable, and I find it odd that Canada is included in the draft but, say, Mexico isn't.

PK Yonge Laboratory School appears to be some kind of experimental deal run by the University of Florida. It advertises itself as especially academically challenging, so that's good, I guess.

Marcus Lemon is the son of former MLB outfielder Chet Lemon, for what it's worth. I read an interesting thing the other day in the New Yorker, mostly about Ivan Lendl's family of golf prodigies, but he had some pretty interesting things to say about young athletes and their parents. I think it's the May 15 issue; you oughta check it out.

2006-06-06 12:57:02
31.   Adam B
The draft isn't supposed to end until 6 PM EST and I don't believe there'll be a break.
2006-06-06 12:57:59
32.   Voxter
Fifth Round

First Six:

137. Royals -- Jason Godin, RHP, Old Dominion
138. Rox -- Helder Velazquez, SS, Puerto Rico BB Academy HS
139. Devil Rays -- Shawn O'Malley, SS, Southridge (he certainly sounds like he's Irish, but apparently the correct spelling of that pesky first name eluded his parents)
140. Pirates -- Patrick Bresnehan, RHP, Arizona State
141. Mariners -- Nathan Adcock, RHP, North Hardin HS
142. Tigers -- Scott Sizemore, 2B, Virginia Commonwealth

2006-06-06 12:58:33
33.   Bob Timmermann
I think they just go straight through until they got bored.

Remember the teams have several people to call out the picks.

But there's just one Voxter!

2006-06-06 12:59:18
34.   Voxter
31 -- I guess it's soup for me. I'll live.
2006-06-06 13:03:15
35.   Voxter
Second Six:

143. Dodgers -- Kyle Smit, RHP, Spanish Springs HS
144. Reds -- Joshua Ravin, RHP, Carsworth HS
145. Orioles -- Bobby Henson, SS, Tuttle HS
146. Giants -- Michael McBryde, CF, Florida Atlantic
147. Snakes -- Hector Ambriz, RHP, UCLA
148. Texas -- Christopher Davis, 1B, Navarro College

I saw Ambriz pitch against OSU; he went 5.7 innings and struck out six. He's kinda chubby. The kid behind me said he looked like Carlos Zambrano, but I don't think he's that big.

2006-06-06 13:06:36
36.   Voxter
Third Six:

149. Cubs -- Jeffrey Samardzija, RHP, Notre Dame
150. Blue Jays -- Luke Hopkins, 1B, New Mexico State
151. Nats -- Cory Van Allen, LHP, Baylor
152. Brewers -- Christopher Errecart, LF, UC Berkeley
153. Padres -- Andrew Underwood, RHP, Fresno State
154. Mets -- Stephen Holmes, RHP, University of Rhode Island

2006-06-06 13:12:07
37.   Voxter
Fourth Six:

155. Marlins -- David Hatcher, C, UNC Wilmington
156. Twins -- Devin Shepherd, RF, Oxnard HS
157. Phillies -- Quintin Berry, CF, San Diego State
158. Athletics -- Jermaine Mitchell, CF, UNC Breensboro
159. Astros -- Casey Hudspeth, RF, U of South Florida
160. Braves -- Kevin Gunderson, LHP, Oregon State

Gunderson went to my alma mommy, Central Catholic High School in Portland. I think. I'll have to ask my brother.

2006-06-06 13:16:37
38.   Voxter
Last Six:

161. Indians -- Christopher Archer, RHP, Clayton HS
162. Angels -- Kenneth Herndon, RHP, Gulf Coast CC
163. Red Sox -- Dustin Richardson, LHP, Texas Tech
164. Yankees -- George Konfos, RHP, Northwestern
165. White Sox -- John Shelby, 2B, Kentucky
166. Cardinals -- Shane Robinson, CF, Florida State

2006-06-06 13:19:01
39.   Voxter
I checked; Kevin Gunderson did go to Central Catholic. Not that anyone cares. But I think it's cool. I'd say the odds of his leaving school are very, very low; he'll be a junior next year.

Well, checking the HS-College count, the fifth round was very college heavy, with 20 college players, one juco, and nine HS, if my count is right.

2006-06-06 13:23:40
40.   Voxter
On a side note, the only Canadian player I've noticed so far is Kyle Orr, who was picked at 113 by the Dodgers out of a high school in Victoria, BC. It's a very nice town. Lots of good women's soccer players from around there; not so sure about ballplayers.
2006-06-06 13:30:47
41.   Voxter
Sixth Round

First Six:

167. Royals -- Harold Mozingo, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth
168. Rox -- Kevin Clark, RF, Manatee JC
169. Devil Rays -- Nevin Ashley, C, Indiana State
170. Pirates -- James Negrych, 2B, U of Pittsburgh
171. Mariners -- Adam Moore, C, U Texas-Arlington
172. Tigers -- Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky

2006-06-06 13:32:48
42.   Voxter
Second Six:

173. Dodgers -- Garrett White, LHP, Mississippi
174. Reds -- Jordan Smith, RHP, CC Southern Nevada
175. Orioles -- Jason Berken, RHP, Clemson
176. Giants -- Ryan Rohlinger, SS, Oklahoma
177. Arizona -- Robert Side, CF, Georgia
178. Jacob Brigham, RHP, Central Florida Christian

2006-06-06 13:36:33
43.   Voxter
Third Six:

179. Cubs -- Joshua Lansford, 3B, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
180. Jays -- Brian Jeroloman, C, Florida
181. Zechry Zinicola, RHP, Arizona State (awesome name)
182. Micah Wright, LHP, Oklahoma State
183. Brewers -- Timothy Bascom, RHP, Central Florida
184. Mets -- Scott Schafer, RHP, Pasadena Memorial High

By the way, I meant to mention this before: Baseball America totally called the Cubs taking Samardzija; I'd think that football is too tempting to skip for fifth round money.

2006-06-06 13:39:07
44.   Voxter
Fourth Six:

185. Marlins -- Justin Jacobs, SS, Chino HS
186. Twins -- Jeffrey Christy, C, Nebraska
187. Phils -- Daniel Brauer, LHP, Northwestern
188. Athletics -- Andrew Bailey, RHP, Wagner College
189. Astros -- David Norris -- RHP, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
190. Braves -- Steven Figueroa, RHP, Edgewater HS

2006-06-06 13:43:11
45.   Voxter
Last Six:

191. Indians -- Daniel Creps, RHP, Texas A&M
192. Angels -- Robert Fish, LHP, AB Miller High School
193. Red Sox -- Zachary Daeges, 3B, Creighton
194. Yankees -- Mitchell Hiligoss, SS, Purdue
195. White Sox -- Brian Omogrosso, RHP, Indiana State
196. Cards -- Floyd Norrick, LHP, Southern Illinois U-Carbo

2006-06-06 13:56:05
46.   Voxter
Seventh Round

All in one go this time, I think:

197. Royals -- Brett Bigler, OF, UC Riverside
198. Rox -- Michael McKendry, C, Middle Tennessee St.
199. D-Rays -- Ryan Reid, RHP, James Madison U
200. Austin McClune CF, Edmond Santa Fe HS
201. M's -- Douglas Fister, RHP, Fresno U
202. Tigers -- Jonah Nickerson, RHP, Oregon State
203. Dodgers -- Jaime Ortiz, 1B, San Alfonzo de Ligorio
204. Reds -- Justin Turner, 2B, Cal State-Fullerton
205. Orioles -- Joshua Tamba, RHP, Cypress College
206. Giants -- Brett Pill, 1B, Cal State--Fullerton
207. D-Backs -- Daniel Stange, RHP, UC-Riverside
208. Rangers -- Grant Gerrard, OF Southern Illinois U-Carbo
209. Cubs -- Steven Clevenger, SS, Chipola JC
210. Jays -- Jonathan Baksh, RF, Florida Tech
211. Nats -- Samuel Brown, RHP, Millbrok HS
212. Brewers -- Andrew Bouchie, C, Oral Roberts
213. Padres -- Craig Cooper, 1B, Notre Dame
214. Mets -- Daniel Stegall, OF, Greenwoood HS
215. Marlins -- Donald Czyz, RHP, Kansas
216. Twins -- Jonathan Waltenbury, 1B, Henry Street HS
217. Phils -- Theodore Yarbrough, 1B, Eastern Kentucky
218. Athletics -- Michael Leake, RHP, Fallbrook HS
219. Astros -- David Qualben, LHP, Pace U
220. Braves -- Adam Coe, 3B, Russel County HS
221. Indians -- Robert Alcombrack, C, Bear River HS
222. Angels -- Jarrad Page, OF, UCLA
223. Red Sox -- Kristopher Negron, SS, Cosumnes River College
224. Yankees -- Timothy Norton, RHP, Connecticut
225. White Sox -- Justin Cassel, RHP, UC Irvine
226. Cards -- Luke Gorsett, OF, Nebraska

2006-06-06 14:08:28
47.   Voxter
Eighth Round

227. Royals -- Joshua Cribb, RHP, Clemson
228. Rox -- Brandon Hynick, RHP, Birmingham Southern College
229. Rays -- Tyree Hayes, RHP, Tomball HS
230. Pirates -- Alexander Presley, CF, Mississippi
231. M's -- Steven Richard, RHP, Clemson
232. Tigers -- Christopher Cody, LHP, Manhattan College
233. Dodgers -- Thomas Giles, RF, Miami
234. Reds -- Travis Webb, LHP, Washington State
235. Orioles -- Jedidiah Stephen, SS, Ohio State
236. Giants -- Matthew Klimas, C, Texarkana CC
237. D-Backs -- Chase Christianson, RHP, U South Alabama
238. Rangers -- Josh Bradbury, RF, Orange Coast College
239. Cubs -- William Muldowney, RHP, U Pittsburgh
240. Jays -- Daniel O'Brien, LHP, Western Michigan
241. Nats -- Sean Rooney, C, Saddleback CC
242. Brew Crew -- Charles Hill, RHP, Florida Christian School
243. Padres -- Thomas King, SS, Troy University
244. Mets -- Nathan Hedrick, RHP, Barton County CC
245. Marlins -- Daniel Garcia, SS, Nogales HS
246. Twins -- Brian dinkelman, 2B, McKendree, College
247. Phillies -- Terrance Warren, OF, Bethel HS
248. A's -- Angel Sierra, CF, Puerto Rico BB Academy HS
249. Astros -- James Van Ostrand, RF, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
250. Braves -- Casey Beck, RHP, San Jacinto College North
251. Indians -- Michael Eisenberg, RHP, Marietta College
252. Angels -- Matthew Sweeney, 1B, Col Zadok Magruder HS
253. Red Sox -- Rafael Cabreja, CF, James Monroe HS
254. Yankees -- Delin Betances, RHP, Grand Street Campus
255. White Sox -- Kent Gust, CF, Fort Zumwalt West HS
256. Cardinals -- Allen Craig, SS, UC Berkeley

And with that, I'm done. There might be a few more rounds, but my fingers hurt, and so do my eyes, and I'm in the midst of a massive nicotene fit.

Anyway, I enjoyed doing this. I'm much more familiar with this draft than I had anticipated. And I got to feel important for a few hours. That was nice.

2006-06-06 14:48:12
48.   Bob Timmermann
Your yeoman work was duly noted. I gave you the ultimate compliment. I put your name in bold!

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.