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WC 2006: Meet the eight newcomers
2006-06-06 23:52
by Bob Timmermann

The BBC website profiles the eight first time participants in the FIFA World Cup: Angola, Ghana, Togo, Serbia & Montenegro, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, and the Czech Republic.

Of course, Serbia & Montenegro will never make it again as Montenegro is becoming independent. And the Serbians had participated as part of Yugoslavia (remember that country?) The Czech Republic last participated as Czechoslavakia back in 1990.

Journalists from these eight nations were asked about their team's chances. None of them were particularly optimistic.

The Kiev Post's correspondent in Germany is named John Marone.

The Togolese journalist, Eric Kaglan of Radio Nostalgie, had this prediction for Togo.

Very hard to say. South Korea, France and Switzerland are all very powerful and all we can wish for is to put in good performances and not get beaten 8-0 like Saudi Arabia last time!

I think the Togolese are just playing the game of diminished expectations like a good politician!

2006-06-07 16:19:16
1.   das411
Ukraine is goin all the way!

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