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WC 2006: And there was great rejoicing in the land
2006-06-07 13:08
by Bob Timmermann

Wayne Rooney's foot was declared fit enough to play. British news reporters can now take "metatarsal" out of the spell checkers.

2006-06-07 13:29:24
1.   Ken Arneson
This doesn't mean he'll play in the first round, though, right? It just means he's on the roster, with expectations he can play at some unknown point in the tournament.
2006-06-07 13:31:16
2.   Bob Timmermann
That is what I understand. England can use The Robot instead.
2006-06-07 14:20:54
3.   Sandus
I don't think they can get out of the first round without him. Theo Walcott is good, but very young, and Peter Crouch is quite overrated. With luck, they'll only have to use him for 25-30 minutes at the end of a scoreless contest because of the great defense they have.
2006-06-07 15:19:50
4.   Zak
England will make it out of the first round even if they play their midfielders as forwards, and if they avoid Germany in the 2nd round, they'll make the Quarter-finals as well.
2006-06-07 15:22:09
5.   Zak
Bob, for some reason I can't post on the WC article page about the eight World Cup "rookies", but since I already did a write up on my views, I'll post it here seeing that it is after all a WC thread.

I'm surprised that the Czech Republic is not considered a team capable of making at least the semi-finals, if not win the whole thing. I definitely think they are capable of winning the whole thing. I was talking to a buddy of mine and we agreed that if Brazil ends up meeting the Czechs in the second round, that could be fatal for the pre-tournament favorites.

Serbia, Ivory Coast and Ghana are all capable squads, but are in seemingly impossible to advance groups. Ukraine should be favored to advance from their group as well.

Angola, Togo and T&T unfortunately are just there to make up the numbers, and I read that one columnist considers Togo to be the worst country to ever play in the World Cup. Now that is some tough competition.

2006-06-07 16:25:26
6.   Bob Timmermann
Togo is worse than the 1974 Haiti squad? Or the 1982 El Salvador side?

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