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WC 2006: Hey, you want to coach a World Cup team? - UPDATED
2006-06-12 14:24
by Bob Timmermann

If you are interested, contact the Togolese Football Federation as soon as you can because Togo has no coach right now. And their first match is Tuesday against Korea.

The teams's original coach (or manager depending upon which style of English you prefer), Otto Pfister, walked out on the team Saturday in a dispute with the federation over paying the players bonuses. Namely, they weren't paying them. The players responded to this by not practicing.

So, in the interim, Togo tabbed Mawuena Kodjovi to coach the team. Except he doesn't have much coaching experience, especially at this level. So ... the Togolese have asked German Winfried Schaefer if he can take over the job. But the negotiations weren't complete although the president of the Federation, Rock Gnassingbe, seemed hopeful of a solution.

Togo was a surprise qualifier for the World Cup and had never come close to qualifying before and almost lost in the preliminary rounds of qualifying in Africa when they dropped a match to Equatorial Guinea.

Update - Pfister has agreed to come back. There goes my dream of coaching the Togolese team. Now I'm setting my alarm clock to watch their 6 am match tomorrow against Korea!

Or maybe Pfister isn't coming back after all? The coach will be a gametime decision I suppose.

2006-06-12 16:07:07
1.   DXMachina
Do you have a license to coach soccer? FIFA's pretty strict about that.
2006-06-12 16:12:54
2.   Bob Timmermann
I have a driver's license isn't that good enough?

My grandfather is in the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame.

2006-06-12 17:18:57
3.   Andrew Shimmin
OT: I think it's funny that you hide World Cup posts as brown-paper-bag extended entries. That is all.
2006-06-12 17:20:26
4.   Bob Timmermann
I figured if I put a lot of them in, it would clutter up the site and anger the baseball people.

Mark doesn't do that on Bad Altitude because he doesn't post as much stuff.

2006-06-12 17:20:45
5.   Bob Timmermann
I would also add that Mark also knows a LOT more about soccer than I do.

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