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WC 2006 Match Chat: Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia, 9 am PT
2006-06-14 08:29
by Bob Timmermann

Live from Munich!

The Carthage Eagles (in my mind the best nickname in the tournament) take on Al Akhdar.

Tunisia is playing in its fourth World Cup and has never made it past the first round, although they were the first African team to win a World Cup match, when they beat Mexico 3-1 in Argentina.

Saudi Arabia is making its fourth appearance in the World Cup and fourth straight to boot. Saudi Arabia reached the second round in 1994, but were blown out in 1998 and 2002. Germany posted an 8-0 win over Saudi Arabia in 2002. Mohammed Al Anbar, "the Ronaldinho of the Desert", is questionable for the match.

Comments (58)
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2006-06-14 08:56:54
1.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not thinking that this site draws a lot of Tunisian or Saudi fans.

But I've been wrong before.

2006-06-14 08:59:51
2.   Sam DC
I'll ask your NSA case officer and get back to you.
2006-06-14 09:03:50
3.   Bob Timmermann
There's been one Ecuadorean who stopped by. And one native of Croatia.
2006-06-14 09:22:17
4.   Kayaker7
Marhaba! Sabah elkher. Kifaak?
2006-06-14 09:23:27
5.   Penarol1916
I find the existence of this game in the World Cup finals extremely depressing, almost as depressing as the presence of Australia.
2006-06-14 09:25:43
6.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't Australia going to have to compete with the rest of Asia in 2010?
2006-06-14 09:25:58
7.   Greg Brock
Go Carthage!!!!! Jeez, why couldn't we be in this group?
2006-06-14 09:26:12
8.   Kayaker7
Why hate on the Aussies? They beat the Asian champs after all.
2006-06-14 09:26:45
9.   Bob Timmermann
Don't anger the Uruguayan!
2006-06-14 09:26:59
10.   Kayaker7
6 Yes. They will join the AFC.
2006-06-14 09:28:59
11.   Penarol1916
8. Look at how Australia qualified and my name and you'll see why.
6. Yes they are, we'll see how the allocation of spots goes for 2010 with that and then the host being in Africa, I predict much complaining from CONMEBOL and UEFA.
2006-06-14 09:29:37
12.   Bob Timmermann
Australia beat Uruguay in a 2-game series to qualify. The Oceania winner plays the last CONMENBOL qualifier for a spot.

Next time, that spot will be much easier for the South American side to get as Oceania will be sending somebody like New Zealand or Tahiti out there.

2006-06-14 09:32:48
13.   Kayaker7
12 Ah, I see.
2006-06-14 09:33:55
14.   Greg Brock
With every comment, Shep Messing is becoming the Rick Monday of the World Cup.
2006-06-14 09:36:17
15.   Bob Timmermann
But almost all the Saudi players come with surnames ready made for Monday's trademark "extra syllables".

Or does he say something like "Omar Al-a Gamadi"

2006-06-14 09:36:44
16.   Greg Brock
Does anybody know if FIFA has the means to rescind red cards? If so, I think the Ukraine has a legitimate gripe on the earlier game.
2006-06-14 09:41:07
17.   Bob Timmermann
FIFA can do just about anything it wants to if you write a big enough check.

I don't know about rescinding bad red cards. You would need a real smoking gun to show that the ref was on the take instead of just screwing up.

2006-06-14 09:47:43
18.   Greg Brock
Interesting read from, who else, The Guardian:

Fifa believe red cards should be rescinded only in the case of mistaken identity, and criticised the FA for rescinding three of the first six of this Premiership season on the grounds of referee error. The implication is that Fifa want governing bodies and officials to save face for each other, however big the error. The FA are right, but they must go further. It has to become as easy to challenge a yellow card as a red and as easy for smaller clubs to successfully appeal as it is for the big three. We've never had a successful appeal, even backed by blatant evidence.

2006-06-14 09:49:27
19.   Bob Timmermann
I suppose Ukraine would have had a bigger beef if they weren't getting their clocks cleaned by the Spanish to begin with.
2006-06-14 09:51:44
20.   Kayaker7
19 The goal differential could make a difference. BTW, where does the term "clocks cleaned" come from. It makes no sense.
2006-06-14 09:53:18
21.   Greg Brock
clock= face
clean= knock the dust off
2006-06-14 09:54:24
22.   Kayaker7
21 Okay, got it. Nothing to do with mice and hickory dickory dock.
2006-06-14 09:55:08
23.   Bob Timmermann
You know, I had never realized that's where it came from. I've just been saying it forever.

But that makes sense.

"To clock" someone can also mean "to hit them in the face."

2006-06-14 09:56:03
24.   Greg Brock
"clocking" someone is the abbreviated form of the above.
2006-06-14 10:01:55
25.   Bob Timmermann
The third meaning of "to clean's one clock" means to go to someone's home and take all their Coldplay CDs.
2006-06-14 10:04:27
26.   Greg Brock
Not to sound like a history nerd, but I have a notebook, in which I write down phrases or gestures that need explanation. The middle finger, checkmate, cleaning clocks, stuff like that. I research them later, because I am a dork like that.
2006-06-14 10:07:09
27.   Kayaker7
26 Checkmate= shah mat (Persian for "king is dead.") Wow, I feel proud. ;-)
2006-06-14 10:08:04
28.   Greg Brock
That is correct. Well done.
2006-06-14 10:10:24
29.   Bob Timmermann
Your behavior is not dorkish in my book. I think it's admirable. People usually just ask me those sorts of questions all the time.

I know lot of farm phrases from my father, but they are not repeatable in this forum since they all involve excrement.

I think a typical dairy farmer must spend a lot of time dealing with that issue and has time to kill and hence comes up with a metaphor involving it.

2006-06-14 10:12:14
30.   Greg Brock
29-Words are fun :)
2006-06-14 10:13:04
31.   Kayaker7
29 Hey, this is your forum. You can do whatever you want. Screw that Jon Weisman guy and his rated G standards. ;-)
2006-06-14 10:15:51
32.   Greg Brock
Oh, my. House of Saud ties it up, and Hannibal cannot be happy at this moment. Rev up the elephants.
2006-06-14 10:17:02
33.   Greg Brock
I just want to see Italy vs. Tunisia...Punic War IV...This time it's personal.
2006-06-14 10:26:42
34.   Bob Timmermann

World Cup Comment of the Tournament so far!

2006-06-14 10:28:38
35.   Bob Timmermann
I meant "Best World Cup Comment of the Tournament"
2006-06-14 10:32:07
36.   Sam DC
34 The phrasing in 34 worked for me, sort of like "Man of the Match" -- "Comment of the Tournament"
2006-06-14 10:32:47
37.   Greg Brock
Thanks Bob! And on Greg...Er, I mean my birthday as well. I feel like the Belle of the Ball. Just wait for the Germany/Poland match...I've been writing those down for months.
2006-06-14 10:33:57
38.   Bob Timmermann
You mean the Germans are going to party like it's 1939!
2006-06-14 10:35:08
39.   Greg Brock
And the German attack cuts through Poland's defense like...Well, you know.
2006-06-14 10:41:07
40.   Sam DC
And the English squad rushes the field! Er just sort of a little bit onto the field. Now they're stopped. They're waiting. Still waiting . . .
2006-06-14 10:42:25
41.   Greg Brock
2006-06-14 10:44:17
42.   Greg Brock
And the Italians run to Germany's aide. No wait, they're passing to the English...No, they're...What's happening here?
2006-06-14 10:45:23
43.   tmurase
29 Is that like the Truman anecdote where his wife was asked to tone down Truman's use of the word manure? Her response: "You don't know how many years it took me to tone it down to that!"
2006-06-14 10:45:27
44.   Bob Timmermann
Free gas for everybody today in the world!
2006-06-14 10:46:30
45.   Greg Brock
No way.....House of Saud 2, Mighty Carthage 1.
2006-06-14 10:51:09
46.   Greg Brock
This is an amazing game.
2006-06-14 10:51:39
47.   Bob Timmermann
I asked my brother if he was worried about threats of terrorism at the World Cup. He said no as he thinks most terrorists are too busy watching.
2006-06-14 10:52:01
48.   Bob Timmermann
2006-06-14 10:53:12
49.   Kayaker7
No way... A goal at the death...
2006-06-14 10:53:57
50.   Greg Brock
Best match of the tourney...Better than Germany's first match.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-14 10:53:59
51.   Bob Timmermann
The Carthage Eagles never say die!

Until they take on Spain and they get whupped.

2006-06-14 10:54:39
52.   Greg Brock
This has been a blast. Can't wait for the next match.
2006-06-14 10:54:47
53.   Bob Timmermann
Zied Jaziri, the man of the match!
2006-06-14 10:56:46
54.   Bob Timmermann
The next match thread should pop up around 30 minutes before the next match starts.
2006-06-14 10:56:57
55.   Greg Brock
The man of the match is always Mohammed, praise be unto him...And don't you forget it.
2006-06-14 11:00:01
56.   Vishal
i would LOVE to see a soccer-field reenactment of WWII.
2006-06-14 11:01:53
57.   Greg Brock
56- If that's the case, I'm sure Israel is pretty thrilled to be out of this tournament.
2006-06-14 18:15:42
58.   joey33
in response to 55,actually, in the religion of Islam, praise is due only to God, and in the case of the prophet Mohammed, we say peace and blessings upon him. Not praise be to him. Only God and not a mere man, is worthy of such praise

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