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The wreck of the S.S. Russ Ortiz
2006-06-14 16:03
by Bob Timmermann

Keith Law of discusses how Arizona's release of Russ Ortiz is an example of a team making more of a baseball decision than a bottom line decision. Law argues that Ortiz's contract is a sunk cost for Arizona.

Ortiz's contract was a bad idea from its conception. Original errors often are compounded when teams are unwilling to acknowledge their initial mistakes by releasing the players in question. Roughly one-third of all major-league teams have players for the sole reason that they make "too much" money to be released. And that is just plain stupid; there is no greater fool's errand in baseball than waiting for a player who was never that good in the first place to suddenly earn his pay. Unless you can foist the bad contract onto someone else in a trade, which happens very rarely, you're better off releasing the player as soon as a better alternative arrives.

Honest, one day I will post something that is either not about World Cup soccer or a former pitcher for Arizona.

Just give me time.

2006-06-14 16:14:16
1.   Philip Michaels
Next on The Griddle: Armando Reynoso previews the Costa Rica-Ecuador match and Omar Daal continues his unlikely quest to land a spot on the Dutch World Cup squad.
2006-06-14 16:19:02
2.   das411
Or we can play "Guess The Overpaid Bums" for our favorite teams!

Phillies: Lieberthal, Rollins, DBell and (perhaps) my pal Sal.

2006-06-14 16:22:57
3.   Jacob L
All the more reason to lift the Frank Robinson moratorium.
2006-06-14 16:25:20
4.   Bob Timmermann
The Frank Robinson moratorium applies only to Dodger Thoughts.

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