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It's coming this Tuesday...
2006-06-18 20:52
by Bob Timmermann

Starting Tuesday, the baseball event of the year gets underway.

It will be three days of the finest baseball action around.



At the K.

Three games.




Tuesday - Kip Wells takes on Mark Redman. It's Jeremy Affeldt T-shirt Night!

Wednesday - Ian Snell versus Mike Wood. Most concessions are just a buck!

Thursday - Paul Maholm faces Scott Elarton in a day game. You are allowed to give your Jeremy Affeldt T-shirt back if you come to this game.

2006-06-18 21:53:18
1.   Ravenscar
Hey now! Ian Snell is on my fantasy team. With my first cable televison service now installed, I'll be hoping to find this game somewhere.

And you're making the people in KC and Pittsburgh sad! Don't they have enough to be sad about, being in KC and Pittsburgh?

ba-dum psssshhh!

2006-06-18 21:55:13
2.   Greg Brock
I'm most looking forward to seeing how George Brett handles the funky arm angles brought by John Candelaria. Those guys are still playing, right?
2006-06-18 22:06:19
3.   Linkmeister
And Sanguillen catching with his right leg stretched out. Chambliss! Freddie Patek! Stargell!

It really is kinda sad, ain't it? Two teams with a history of some great players, a few World Championship appearances and wins, now reduced to a blog entry dripping with ridicule.


2006-06-18 22:21:05
4.   Greg Brock
This series should be known as the "World Cocaine Scandal Classic."
2006-06-18 22:41:33
5.   Bob Timmermann
The Braves are in last place now too and have a record better than only the Cubs and Pirates.
2006-06-18 22:51:23
6.   Greg Brock
Thoughts I'm sure Leo Mazzone never had:

"I have to leave for Baltimore...I need to go to a place that gives me the best opportunity to win."

2006-06-19 21:36:58
7.   das411
Mark Redman! With an actual ridiculous-looking World Series ring!!
2006-06-20 02:14:43
8.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ROFL, well at least Jason Bey is good ;)
2006-06-20 13:43:01
9.   nickb
If you cut a couple of eye-holes in the Jeremy Affeldt t-shirt, you can enjoy the rest of the series in complete anonymity.
2006-06-20 13:43:35
10.   nickb
Assuming one puts said shirt over one's head...

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