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2006-06-19 22:37
by Bob Timmermann

The Red Sox, in need of an emergency starter, designated J.T. Snow for assignment. Boston GM Theo Epstein thinks he can make a deal for Snow.

The Twins had designated Tony Batista for assignment, but ended up releasing him.

2006-06-19 22:43:37
1.   Voxter
This could be the best. trade. ever.
2006-06-19 22:43:37
2.   Voxter
This could be the best. trade. ever.
2006-06-19 22:44:40
3.   Voxter
Wow, and that happened through no fault of my own. If this one double posts, consider it, you know . . .


2006-06-19 22:49:54
4.   Greg Brock
Voxter is very excited
2006-06-19 22:53:14
5.   Bob Timmermann
People double post.

It happens.

2006-06-19 22:56:52
6.   Greg Brock
That would be Bob Timmermann's second Repo Man reference of the day (if you're keeping score, and of course you are...I am...Arent' you?). Can a Red Dawn quote be far behind...I sure hope not.
2006-06-19 22:57:48
7.   Greg Brock
Apostrophes float.

It happens.

2006-06-19 22:59:00
8.   Voxter
Hope floats.

Apostrophes sink.

2006-06-19 23:19:42
9.   Greg Brock
2006-06-19 23:45:39
10.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Scott Erickson and Hideo Nomo is also avalible... provided that they could still walk....
2006-06-19 23:48:49
11.   Greg Brock
Apparently, Mr. Chen didn't need to consult my link on subject/verb agreement. Oh, and I wouldn't go mentioning Mr. Erickson's name around The Griddle.
2006-06-19 23:56:27
12.   Voxter
Wow, nobody else on the John Irving tip.
2006-06-20 00:24:52
13.   Greg Brock
John Irving is awesome. My favorite John Irving memory is when he dunked from the free throw line in the slam dunk contest...He did it way before Jordan did. But, alas, that was the old ABA.
2006-06-20 01:04:59
14.   Andrew Shimmin
Sorrow floats, not hope. Well, sometimes hope floats, but that's more of a Sandra Bullock thing. Sorrow floating is Irving's.

Unrelated: Godwin's Law? So, I've been misreading that for five years? It's not even one of those things where, you've read the word, but never heard it. I've looked at that word, with my own eyes, dozens, maybe hundreds of times, and always misread it Goodwin. It's like my whole life is based on a lie.

2006-06-20 01:09:57
15.   Greg Brock
14 Godwin's law is about the probability of a Hitler analogy. Goodwin's law is about the probability that you can stay in the majors despite poor fielding and hitting, just because you can run very fast.
2006-06-20 12:06:11
16.   Linkmeister
I thought Goodwin's law was that Wolfe never left the house, that a night spent dancing at the Flamingo was a night well spent, and that keeping orchid records was a mundane chore but a useful time-filler while waiting for one of Wolfe's stunts to materialize.

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