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The Youngs are restless
2006-06-20 10:12
by Bob Timmermann

Delmon Young Tampa Bay prospect and currently a member of the Durham Bulls, has returned from a 50-game suspension for throwing a bat an umpire in a game in Pawtucket in April.

Delmon may still have some issues to work on as the AP story indicates:

Few seem to doubt Young's abilities, but there are questions about his attitude.

Before apologizing for throwing the bat, he told one reporter his microphone was too close, then told a TV reporter who went to attach a microphone to his gray T-shirt not to touch him. Later, when asked whether he had sought anger management counseling, he said he had relied on his "own support group." When asked who they were, he responded flatly, "My own support group that I need to know and not you."

"Unless you guys put on a uniform and get to a very competitive level, people will never understand what athletes and entertainers go through on an everyday basis," Young said.

Delomn's older brother, Dmitri, continues to have legal troubles.

Dmitri Young's attorney stil will not say exactly where his missing client is, although a Detroit radio station reported back on June 9, that the Tigers DH had entered the Betty Ford Clinic.

Perhaps Dmitri is receiving help from Delmon's support group.

Keith Law has an ESPN Insider story on Delmon Young and the other troubled prospects in the Tampa Bay organization.

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