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WC 2006 Match Chat: Group E finale, 7 am PT
2006-06-22 04:00
by Bob Timmermann

Czech Republic vs. Italy in Hamburg

Ghana vs. USA in Nuremberg

Group E is the only one of the eight groups that has seen none of its four teams clinch spots in the second round. Italy, Czech Republic, and Ghana all have possiblities of advancing with a tie (Italy definitely would, the other two would need help) and the USA must win (and get help).

For USA fans, the simplest scenario is: beat Ghana and have the Czechs lose to Italy. The USA could advance with a win if the Czechs and Italians play to a draw, but they would have to beat Ghana by at least four goals to advance. Number of goals the USA has scored of its own volition in the World Cup so far: zero.

The Czechs are a battered and bruised bunch. Striker Jan Koller is likely out with a hamstring injury. Striker Milan Baros will probably miss the match too with a foot injury, but there is hope in the Czech camp that he can play. Vratislav Lokvenc is out with two yellow cards. Defender Thomas Ujfalusi is also out after getting a red card against Ghana.

Italy will be missing Daniele De Rossi who got a red card against the USA.

The USA will be missing Eddie Pope and Pablo Mastroeni due to yellow cards.

Ghana will be without its two goal scorers from its win over the Czechs: Sulley Muntari and Asamoah Gyan.

So here are the possible permuations:
1) Italy wins, USA wins - Italy is #1, USA is #2
2) Italy wins, Ghana wins - Italy is #1, Ghana is #2
3) Italy wins, USA-Ghana draw - Italy is #1, Ghana is #2
4) Czechs win, USA wins - Czech Republic is #1, Italy is #2 unless the USA makes up goal difference on Italy (presently +2 for Italy and -3 for USA)
5) Czechs win, Ghana wins - Czech Republic and Ghana advance and goal difference decides placement (presently, the Czechs are +1 and Ghana is at 0)
6) Czechs win, USA-Ghana draw - Czech Republic is #1, Italy and Ghana decide second spot on goal difference (currently Italy is at +2, Ghana is at 0)
7) Italy-Czech Republic draw, USA wins - Italy is #1, Czechs get #2 slot UNLESS USA makes up four goal deficit
8) Italy-Czech Republic draw, Ghana wins - Ghana is #1, Italy is #2
9) Both matches end in draws - Italy is #1, Czech Republic is #2

Comments (71)
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2006-06-22 06:54:29
1.   Greg Brock
Decided not to go with "Judgment at Nuremburg", eh Bob? A wise choice.
2006-06-22 06:55:05
2.   Sam DC
Dude, where's my National Anthems?
2006-06-22 06:57:29
3.   Greg Brock
The up-tempo Banner once again baffling Sam's Army. Keep up Boys, Keep up!
2006-06-22 07:02:31
4.   Bob Timmermann

I try to keep it fresh.

2006-06-22 07:06:47
5.   Bob Timmermann
Baros is playing for the Czechs.
2006-06-22 07:08:17
6.   Penarol1916
Couldn't find a single bar in the loop showing the games, yet there were still many open for people to get drunk. I guess its the New York times blog for me again.
2006-06-22 07:21:47
7.   Bob Timmermann
I've got to drive to work during the second half so I'm scrambling to find a radio station.

I believe there's a Spanish language station broadcasting it. No English language stations. They wouldn't want to cut into morning drive time sports talk and have people calling in to complain about who the Lakers will draft.

2006-06-22 07:22:58
8.   Greg Brock
You have got to be kidding me
2006-06-22 07:23:32
9.   Bob Timmermann
The Ghanians did not read the script.

Regardless, the Czechs are sweating more now.

2006-06-22 07:23:48
10.   Ken Arneson
Oops. That was a horrible turnover.
2006-06-22 07:26:23
11.   Bob Timmermann
Goal for Italy.
2006-06-22 07:27:38
12.   Greg Brock
Claudio Reyna has had the worst World Cup performance. Beasley, Reyna, Onyewu, Donovan...Ugh.
2006-06-22 07:41:22
13.   Bob Timmermann
Regardless of how Reyna did today, he's got a plaque waiting for him in Oneonta.
2006-06-22 07:44:07
14.   Bob Timmermann
A goal of our own!
2006-06-22 07:44:16
15.   Ken Arneson
Ooh, and a bad turnover the other way. Nice pass.
2006-06-22 07:44:29
16.   Greg Brock
That was a pleasant development
2006-06-22 07:46:23
17.   Greg Brock
That was a splendid pass by Beasley.
2006-06-22 07:47:08
18.   Ken Arneson
Uh, oh, PK.
2006-06-22 07:47:38
19.   Ken Arneson
Ridiculous call.
2006-06-22 07:51:24
20.   Greg Brock
That was a devastating call. How does one make such a call in this kind of match?
2006-06-22 07:53:11
21.   Ken Arneson
Terrible that the refs are deciding these games and not the players. There are so many worse fouls committed in the penalty box than that one that are never called.
2006-06-22 07:54:02
22.   Greg Brock
It usually has to be a certified mugging for officials to call PK's. You're basically giving the other side a goal. I can't see any way that call is justifiable.
2006-06-22 08:08:46
23.   Greg Brock
Well, at least Bob is going to get his Otto Addo fix for the day.
2006-06-22 08:35:32
24.   Bob Timmermann
I listened to Andres Cantor on the way in and then cursed my computer as it took forever to boot up.

Or at least it does when you're in a hurry.

2006-06-22 08:38:53
25.   Bob Timmermann
At least the Italians have done their share. And the Czechs have been playing with 10 the whole second half.
2006-06-22 08:39:09
26.   Sam DC
I'm no futbolista, but my expert analysis is that we seem to have a very anemic halfcourt offense. Are other teams able to create space and manufacture shots once the defense is back?
2006-06-22 08:39:42
27.   Sam DC
Wow -- no PK goal!
2006-06-22 08:44:12
28.   Bob Timmermann
2-0 Italy.
2006-06-22 08:48:16
29.   Bob Timmermann
How about?

For the USA it ain't Ghana happen

2006-06-22 08:48:52
30.   Mark T.R. Donohue
That penalty kick was bunk, but what are you going to do? Give the U.S. credit for at least playing entertaining football for once.

Landon Donovan is on my "on notice" list.

2006-06-22 08:50:47
31.   Bob Timmermann
Italy 2, Czech Republic 0, Final.
2006-06-22 08:53:09
32.   Bob Timmermann
Is the last game for Bruce Arena as coach?
2006-06-22 08:53:33
33.   Greg Brock
2006-06-22 08:54:28
34.   Bob Timmermann
See, Greg can fill in my missing words.
2006-06-22 08:55:11
35.   Sam DC
But my brilliant query at 26 has stumped you all!
2006-06-22 08:55:19
36.   Ken Arneson
Very smart acting job by Mensah.
2006-06-22 08:55:56
37.   Ken Arneson
(Someone had to do that joke.)
2006-06-22 08:56:00
38.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Of course next year when the Bulls take Greg Oden with the #1 pick in the NBA Draft I'll remember this game as the moment I found out that the Knicks fired Larry Brown.
2006-06-22 08:56:36
39.   Greg Brock
I'm not feeling particularly loquacious at the moment. I'm trying to gather my thoughts and come up with a cogent, well reasoned response that keeps the expletives out. This is not the moment for such things.
2006-06-22 08:57:53
40.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Africa's streak of getting at least one team into the knockout stages continues, to my surprise. Give the Ghanians credit for their convincing win over the Czechs.
2006-06-22 08:59:08
41.   Ken Arneson
Best article of clothing of the World Cup:

John Mensah: Rock of Gibraltar!

2006-06-22 08:59:13
42.   Bob Timmermann
Final standings:

Italy, 7 pts, 6 GF 1 GA
Ghana, 6 pts, 4 GF 2 GA
Czech Rep, 3 pts, 3 GF 4 GA
USA, 1 pt, 2 GF 5 GA

2006-06-22 09:00:50
43.   Bob Timmermann
So outside of Europe and South America, Mexico and Ghana have made it through and Australia can join them later and Korea has a good shot also.

Italy will likely get the Aussies or Team Tablecloth in the next round.

Ghana will likely face Brazil.

2006-06-22 09:01:09
44.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Let me predict now the course my rooting interesting will now follow:

England until they go out in the quarters

Holland until they go out in the semis

Argentina until they lose in the final

2006-06-22 09:01:30
45.   Greg Brock
Bora took the team forward, Arena took the team forward, and now they need a truly world class coach to move them to the elite level. My choice would be Jurgen Klinsmann.
2006-06-22 09:03:40
46.   Greg Brock
If Bruce Arena is attacked at any moment, I'm pretty sure Eric Wynalda will be the first person questioned by the police. He's pretty much verbally assaulting him right now on the air.
2006-06-22 09:03:58
47.   Mark T.R. Donohue
The other thing Team USA needs is for the powers that be to stop kidding themselves about the MLS and force guys like Donovan to play in Europe. Not that DaMarcus Beasley's PSV experience seemed to help him much this time around. Sigh, 'twas not to be.
2006-06-22 09:06:22
48.   Ken Arneson
Oh, my goodness, they've made a whole new reality TV show out of Stupid Human Tricks.
2006-06-22 09:11:10
49.   Bob Timmermann
Well, time for me to start backing my other three horses in this race: Team Tablecloth, Germany, and England.

Of course, I really don't like the English team.

And I think Team Tablecloth is out after today. But they will be wearing the checkerboard kit today!

2006-06-22 09:11:31
50.   Greg Brock
If more top flight US players want to play for a good Euro club, the first step would be to burn every video copy of this cup. I think throwing money at international players, and bringing them over to this side, is the more plausible scenario.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-22 09:14:28
51.   Greg Brock
World class national teams have elite players. The only elite player we have wears a green jersey and gloves.
2006-06-22 09:14:56
52.   Ken Arneson
They can blame Bruce Arena if they want for not having the team better organized, or they can blame the refs, but the real problem is that the US team is just not that talented.

Too many sloppy mistakes on defense, too little playmaking on offense.

2006-06-22 09:17:18
53.   natepurcell
So I sacrficed 3 hours of sleep for this? Boo.
2006-06-22 09:18:58
54.   Bob Timmermann
But soccer matches don't last three hours!
2006-06-22 09:20:03
55.   capdodger
52 - All of the above?

But more seriously, who the hell comes out in a 4-5-1 in a must win game? And after it worked so well against the CR and ITA?

2006-06-22 09:21:29
56.   natepurcell

I am factoring in how late I would have slept in til because when I wake up at 7am in the morning, I can't go back to sleep again.

2006-06-22 09:30:06
57.   Greg Brock
After building things up with Perez, Wynalda, Caligiuri, Balboa, et. al, the next generation, touted as the breakthrough team, has turned out to be a colossal bust. Not one truly elite player among the group.
2006-06-22 09:33:55
58.   Bob Timmermann
Now, we put all our money on Freddie Adu!

Unless he decides to go play for Ghana.

2006-06-22 09:39:38
59.   Icaros
I bet Matt Kemp could play some soccer.
2006-06-22 09:40:46
60.   Greg Brock
Alright Bob, time for you to chime in:

Arena: Stay? Go? Executed in public venue?

2006-06-22 09:44:45
61.   Bob Timmermann
I think Arena should just go mainly because even the best national teams don't keep their coaches around for three World Cups.
2006-06-22 09:54:14
62.   Greg Brock
Klinsmann lives in Huntington Beach, gets tons of grief for living in American from the German press, and has a touchy relationship with German soccer officials. I would do backflips if he decided to take the US job after the cup is over. I just don't want Ziggy Schmidt.
2006-06-22 09:59:00
63.   Vishal
i hope france is eliminated tomorrow. let's-go to-go!
2006-06-22 09:59:03
64.   Bob Timmermann
But Sigi is also a CPA.
2006-06-22 09:59:35
65.   Bob Timmermann

You will enjoy my preview for that one tomorrow.

Lots of math!

2006-06-22 10:03:31
66.   Vishal
yeah, it looks pretty tricky. france needs a win against togo by at least 2 goals to get in, right?
2006-06-22 10:04:10
67.   Vishal
or a win against togo and a non-draw by korea-switzerland.
2006-06-22 10:12:21
68.   Bob Timmermann
There could be the drawing of lots!
2006-06-22 10:12:26
69.   Greg Brock
Very interesting post-match comments by Arena, including:

"I don't know what the future holds. I've also got some other opportunities to explore."

What kind of opportunities could he possibly be talking about?

2006-06-22 10:13:58
70.   Bob Timmermann
Arena craves the opporunity to coach in Europe.
2006-06-22 10:23:08
71.   Greg Brock
If Euros were paying any attention to this cup, I'm thinking they wouldn't be thrilled to see Arena managing their side.

I like Arena a lot. He did a great job building on what Bora did. But managed this team horribly.

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