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WC 2006 Match Chat: Group F finale, noon PT
2006-06-22 11:28
by Bob Timmermann

Croatia vs. Australia in Stuttgart

Japan vs. Brazil in Dortmund

Tournament favorite Brazil has already clinched a spot in the second round and most likely first place in Group F, barring some miracles. The other three teams all have a chance at the #2 spot. In decreasing order of likelihood, they are Australia, Croatia, and Japan.

Australia beat Japan, 3-1 in its first match with three late goals. And the Socceroos didn't look too bad against Brazil in a 2-0 loss.

Croatia, aka Team Tablecloth, hasn't scored yet, but at least got a point from a draw with Japan.

Japan, after its collapse against Australia, managed a tie thanks to a PK save by keeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi.

Australia advances with a win or tie against Croatia. Japan would have to beat Brazil and hope that Australia doesn't win and that they overcome the goal difference. (Australia is at 0, Croatia at -1, and Japan is at -2).

Three playes on the Croatian team were born in Australia. And seven members of the Australian team are Croatian to some extent. So for a 1/4 Croatian guy like me, I can't lose! (Just to cover all my bases, I have a sister-in-law who is Japanese!)

Comments (122)
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2006-06-22 11:43:05
1.   Vishal
what's the nickname for the japanese team?
2006-06-22 11:45:22
2.   Greg Brock
The Blues
2006-06-22 11:45:27
3.   Bob Timmermann
The Blues.
2006-06-22 11:45:46
4.   Bob Timmermann
Five seconds means a lot in this world.
2006-06-22 11:46:18
5.   Bob Timmermann
2006-06-22 11:46:21
6.   Vishal
aha! i found the handy nickname guide:

your "tablecloths" are actually known as "the fiery ones". a fiery tablecloth sounds rather dangerous.

2006-06-22 11:46:46
7.   Vishal
hah, looks like we ALL found the handy nickname guide, at about the same time.
2006-06-22 11:47:27
8.   Bob Timmermann
I had the nicknames bookmarked a while ago.
2006-06-22 11:48:23
9.   Greg Brock
I don't think we ever decided on Yanks, Amerks, Sams, or Sammies....I'd prefer Sammies, but that's just me.
2006-06-22 11:48:50
10.   Vishal
btw, "the blues" isn't a very compelling nickname, especially for a team from the land of the rising sun.
2006-06-22 11:48:54
11.   Greg Brock
Rule #1- Know your soccer nicknames.
2006-06-22 11:50:53
12.   Bob Timmermann
I haven't figured out why the Japanese wear blue either. I'm inclined to think the Japanese wanted to copy the Italians.

When in doubt with something Japanese, guess that imitation had something to do with it.

2006-06-22 12:05:09
13.   Vishal
early tablecloth goal! man, i want japan to get to the next round.
2006-06-22 12:11:14
14.   Bob Timmermann
Japan needs a lot of help to get to the next round. A whole lot.
2006-06-22 12:15:46
15.   Kayaker7
To clarify, if Japan wins today, and Austrlia loses, Japan advances if they can overcome Croatia on goal differential? That is a mountain to climb.
2006-06-22 12:22:52
16.   Vishal
japan's goalkeeper has been awesome so far. [knock on wood]
2006-06-22 12:24:55
17.   Vishal
[14] i know it's not a realistic wish, but it would be awesome if it happened
2006-06-22 12:26:03
18.   Bob Timmermann
I left out that Croatia advances with a win unless Japan beats Brazil by a margin of a least one goal more than Croatia would have over Australia.
2006-06-22 12:26:47
19.   Bob Timmermann
The Japanese coach, Zico, would be able to keep his home in Japan if that happened. If not, I think he's moving.
2006-06-22 12:32:01
20.   adg
Lets see if this is how it stands: If Japan were to win 2:0, that would give them an even Goal Difference and 3 Goals Scored. Croatia is currently at 0 GD and 1 GS with their partial victory over Australia of 1:0.

The final stands would be

Team Pts GD GS

2006-06-22 12:33:27
21.   adg
2006-06-22 12:33:37
22.   Vishal
2006-06-22 12:33:48
23.   Greg Brock
That would be 1-0 Japan, if you're wondering.
2006-06-22 12:33:58
24.   Bob Timmermann
And the Blues are halfway there!
2006-06-22 12:35:44
25.   Bob Timmermann
Brazil's 9-match winning streak is in jeopardy.

Nary a draw during that stretch.

2006-06-22 12:36:06
26.   Vishal
what happens with an aussie-croat tie and a japan win?
2006-06-22 12:36:59
27.   Greg Brock
It should be 3-1 Brazil, but the Japanese keeper has been unreal.
2006-06-22 12:39:53
28.   Penarol1916
26. The stupid socceroos advance.
2006-06-22 12:40:18
29.   Bob Timmermann
And the Socceroos get an equalizer.
2006-06-22 12:41:44
30.   adg
Team Pts GD GS

Current Standings with JPN 1:0 and CRO 1:1 AUS.

2006-06-22 12:42:40
31.   adg
28 I also hate the socceroos. May that name live in infamy forever.
2006-06-22 12:45:46
32.   adg
Team Pts GD GS

Correction to 30. Stupid Socceroos have 4 goals scored.

2006-06-22 12:46:25
33.   Greg Brock
And the biggest jerk in the world passes Pele.
2006-06-22 12:46:44
34.   Bob Timmermann
I haven't seen such disdain for Australia since I was in Newport, RI when the Aussies won the America's Cup.
2006-06-22 12:47:03
35.   adg
Team Pts GD GS
2006-06-22 12:47:18
36.   Bob Timmermann
I haven't seen such disdain for Ronaldo since the championship game in 1998.
2006-06-22 12:48:35
37.   Greg Brock
If you're American, you're not allowed to hate the Aussies. It's the 28th Amendment, I think. Everybody else, hate away.
2006-06-22 12:49:46
38.   Greg Brock
Ronaldo is a nightmare. He bashes Pele and (for some reason) Platini, and complains all the time. And he's a fat load.
2006-06-22 12:51:08
39.   adg
C'mon Samurai Blue. Two more after halftime to force a lottery against the Socceroos.
2006-06-22 12:53:46
40.   adg
Dos cabezasos en el area... son gol.
2006-06-22 12:54:07
41.   Vishal
lottery? doesn't it go to goal differential, goals scored, and head-to-head? and doesn't australia have the advantage in all of those?
2006-06-22 12:56:13
42.   adg
I can't find the ruling for head-to-head following GS.
2006-06-22 12:59:59
43.   Kayaker7
Japan's in a tough situation because they have to root for Croatia to win, but not by too much. Also, Japan has to win by a lot of goals.

If that happens, Japan could edge Croatia on goal differential.

2006-06-22 13:01:32
44.   Penarol1916
41. If Japan scores two more and the other game stays the same, then I believe goal differential and goals scored evens up, I remember seeing head-to-head come after those two, thus I think it is impossible for a lottery to take place for this group.
2006-06-22 13:04:44
45.   Greg Brock
Is it 4-1 Brazil yet?
2006-06-22 13:04:50
46.   Kayaker7
The lottery is possible between Croatia and Japan, since they drew against each other, right?
2006-06-22 13:06:58
47.   adg
Team Pts GD GS

Up to the minute standings.

2006-06-22 13:08:49
48.   Greg Brock
Fat load misses a wide open shot...Off a gorgeous pass from Ronaldinho.
2006-06-22 13:10:04
49.   Penarol1916
46. In order for a lottery to occur between Croatia and Japan, Japan would have to beat Brasil by one more goal than Croatia beats Australia, but Croatia would have to have scored one more goal than Japan today. So it would have to be Japan winning 3-1 and Croatia would have to win 4-3, which is pretty much impossible.
2006-06-22 13:10:10
50.   Bob Timmermann
You would have a drawing of lots, I believe, if Japan won 4-1, making them 5-4 in goals and Croatia won 4-3.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-22 13:10:44
51.   Greg Brock
Wow, that was a beautiful strike. Should have been stopped, however.
2006-06-22 13:10:58
52.   Vishal
bah, japan's keeper was screened off the play by his own defender.
2006-06-22 13:11:24
53.   Bob Timmermann
I think the math in 49 is correct.

The drawing of lots is a possibility in Group G more realistically.

2006-06-22 13:12:25
54.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks for playing Japan. You dug your grave with your collapse in the opener.
2006-06-22 13:13:34
55.   Bob Timmermann
Fear the Tablecloth!
2006-06-22 13:16:28
56.   Greg Brock
See: 45 at 1-1
2006-06-22 13:16:54
57.   Vishal
that's pretty much that.
2006-06-22 13:17:20
58.   Penarol1916
That's the way to get 'em Croatia.
2006-06-22 13:19:38
59.   Bob Timmermann
Here we go Tablecloths! Here we go! Clap Clap!
2006-06-22 13:21:45
60.   Greg Brock
Looks like Bob's love affair with Team Tablecloth will carry on awhile longer.
2006-06-22 13:24:08
61.   Bob Timmermann
I'm getting the t-shirt soon. The jersey not for another couple of weeks.

I'm really wondering what the proper setting is to wear a Team Croatia jersey?

Perhaps the Water Grill?

2006-06-22 13:26:20
62.   Kayaker7
No one will care if you have grease stains on it.
2006-06-22 13:27:08
63.   Greg Brock
61 Do you play in any chess tournaments?
2006-06-22 13:29:34
64.   Kayaker7
Bob will signal the finish to the Indy 500. Oops, wrong color.
2006-06-22 13:29:58
65.   Bob Timmermann
I am about as bad at chess as I am at golf.

And when I golfed, I was Mr. Ventura Freeway.

The part through Glendale.

2006-06-22 13:32:24
66.   Vishal
i hesitate to quote elton john regarding team japan, but...

i guess that's why they call it "the blues".

2006-06-22 13:35:45
67.   adg
Socceroos are staining the tablecloth.
2006-06-22 13:36:00
68.   Bob Timmermann
Dang nabbit!
2006-06-22 13:37:25
69.   Mark T.R. Donohue
You can't keep a Liverpool man down!

Also: Let's euthanize Tommy Smyth.

2006-06-22 13:37:34
70.   adg
Croatia hasn't been attacking for like 10 minutes now.
2006-06-22 13:37:36
71.   Greg Brock
66 I think you just lost 4.6% of the capital you acquired through "Chaminade". Don't sweat it, I'm way more miss than hit on the jokes. You're way up in the percentage department.
2006-06-22 13:38:14
72.   Vishal
what's with all the croatian yellow cards?
2006-06-22 13:38:29
73.   Kayaker7
A brace for the Fatman.
2006-06-22 13:38:55
74.   Greg Brock
Well, there it is. 4-1.

Australia goal = bad

2006-06-22 13:39:14
75.   adg
Since USA 94 I've been on an English-Language Soccer commentator fast.
2006-06-22 13:39:18
76.   Bob Timmermann
Now it's just statistics in the Japan-Brazil match.
2006-06-22 13:39:24
77.   Vishal
[71] d'oh!

your 4-1 prediction is looking pretty good now.

2006-06-22 13:42:21
78.   Kayaker7
The cloths down to 10 men. It's looking bleak for the Crow-ahts.
2006-06-22 13:42:26
79.   Bob Timmermann
The Tablecloths look ready to fold.
2006-06-22 13:42:26
80.   Bob Timmermann
The Tablecloths look ready to fold.
2006-06-22 13:42:57
81.   adg
Uphill battle for sure for Croatia now. They were not very good at holding a result.
2006-06-22 13:43:15
82.   Kayaker7
Grounded into double post.
2006-06-22 13:43:43
83.   Greg Brock
2006-06-22 13:44:08
84.   adg
10 vs. 10 now. Aus-Cro the game to watch.
2006-06-22 13:44:43
85.   Kayaker7
Ha ha. The game is back on even ground. A Roo is sent off.
2006-06-22 13:45:10
86.   Bob Timmermann
Each team a man down! It's like the NHL!
2006-06-22 13:45:52
87.   adg
3 minutes left to decide who faces Italy.
2006-06-22 13:46:01
88.   Kayaker7
I have a feeling someone will score...with all the open space...
2006-06-22 13:46:54
89.   Greg Brock
69 Tommy may be a nightmare, but he has the line of the cup:

"Every team should have a Fred."

2006-06-22 13:47:12
90.   adg
10 vs. 9 now.
2006-06-22 13:47:21
91.   Kayaker7
Oh no, down to 9.
2006-06-22 13:47:49
92.   adg
90 take that back. still 10 v 10.
2006-06-22 13:48:03
93.   Bob Timmermann
Sigh, the Tablecloths are paying the price for their missed PK against Japan.
2006-06-22 13:48:45
94.   Kayaker7
Really? Gamecast still shows Simic out.
2006-06-22 13:49:00
95.   Kayaker7
Matchcast, that is.
2006-06-22 13:49:07
96.   Greg Brock
The only person who likes this result is Andrew Bogut.
2006-06-22 13:49:23
97.   adg
Univision also had it wrong. Seems that the ref didn't make a good not of the first time he carded Simic.
2006-06-22 13:50:42
98.   adg
It's an outrage no mis-count the number of times you've awarded someone a card. One. Two.
2006-06-22 13:50:58
99.   adg
And now Simic gets his third card.
2006-06-22 13:51:03
100.   Kayaker7
Sorry, Bob.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-22 13:51:17
101.   Greg Brock
Referee- Zero poise
2006-06-22 13:51:38
102.   Bob Timmermann
Baseball players forget the number of outs and the count and those numbers never go above four!

Brazil vs. Ghana
Italy vs. Australia

2006-06-22 13:52:28
103.   adg
Whoever that ref was deserves to never arbitrate a match outside of AYSO.
2006-06-22 13:52:48
104.   Bob Timmermann
But the Australians are honorary Croats!

Actually, they're real Croats for the most part.

2006-06-22 13:52:55
105.   Greg Brock
Hey Bob...How about Hinnick?
2006-06-22 13:53:13
106.   Bob Timmermann
The referee was Graham Poll of England.
2006-06-22 13:53:40
107.   Bob Timmermann
Do you mean Hiddink?
2006-06-22 13:54:04
108.   Greg Brock
I smell a Daily Mirror headline...

Graham is Crackers

2006-06-22 13:54:19
109.   Greg Brock
Whoops, Hiddick
2006-06-22 13:55:11
110.   Greg Brock
I'll just try to stop typing while standing up now.
2006-06-22 13:58:15
111.   Bob Timmermann
Guus Hiddink!
Guus Hiddink!

We're in the White Pages!

2006-06-22 14:00:48
112.   Greg Brock
Sure, kick a man while he's massacring the keyboard in the standing position. Anyhoo, he's the perfect mercenary coach.
2006-06-22 14:08:43
113.   Vishal
[111] guus hiddinksy? guus hiddinkovich?
2006-06-22 14:11:27
114.   Greg Brock
113 et tu vishal?
2006-06-22 14:14:49
115.   Vishal
haha, sorry greg. i couldn't pass up the plumbing commercial reference :)
2006-06-22 14:17:44
116.   Greg Brock
Went to school with his kids. Needless to say, if you're going to make commercials mocking your name for twenty years, don't name your kid Jack as well. Hilarity ensues...Unless you're him.
2006-06-22 14:19:58
117.   Vishal
[116] you went to school with jack stephan jr.??

poor kid.

2006-06-22 14:23:33
118.   Greg Brock
117 Yessiree. And his hot sister as well.
2006-06-22 14:39:50
119.   Bob Timmermann
Well, Adee do!
2006-06-22 14:42:30
120.   Vishal
hopefully by the next world cup, adu do.
2006-06-22 14:50:07
121.   Greg Brock
Adu just said he doesn't know who he'll play for in 2010...and he's going to Europe next season.
2006-06-22 14:51:31
122.   Greg Brock
Don't worry...Phil Knight will bully him into playing for the U.S. Heart be damned.

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