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College World Series update
2006-06-22 21:00
by Bob Timmermann

My old thread suffered some unfortunate HTML problems. So I will start anew with the Final Four as it were.

Scores here

Game 11 - North Carolina scored four runs in the third and twice in the fifth and held on to eliminate Cal State Fullerton, 6-5. Detroit's first round pick, Andrew Miller, picked up a save. The Tar Heels will play either Rice or Oregon State in the best of three championship series that starts Saturday.

Game 12 - Daniel Turpen and Joe Paterson combined on a 5-hit shutout as Oregon State forced a showdown game with Rice Thursday for the right to face North Carolina in the championship series with a 5-0 win.

Game 13 - Oregon State's Jonah Nickerson and Kevin Gunderson combined on a 2-hit shutout to send the Beavers to the championship series with a 2-0 win over Rice. Oregon State and North Carolina start the best of three series Saturday. Neither team has ever won a CWS.

2006-06-22 22:42:52
1.   Greg Brock
One day, I will be able to see the name Gunderson without thinking of 47 Fargo jokes. Alas, that day has not yet come.

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