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WC 2006 Match Chat: Group G finale, noon PT
2006-06-23 10:15
by Bob Timmermann

Switzerland vs. Korea in Hanover

Togo vs. France in Cologne

The final two teams in the round of 16 will be decided and this group is up for grabs with three teams still in contention and the only team knowing where it's going after the game is Togo, which has been eliminated.

The leader in the group is Switzerland with 4 points and +2 in goal difference. Korea also has 4 points and is +1. France has 2 points and is at zero.

Neither the Swiss nor the Koreans can tie and be assured of moving on, although one of them would.

There are a lot of scenarios. I won't detail any that involve Togo winning or drawing because I just don't see that dispirited bunch beating a desperate French squad, even if Zidane is out. If that did happen, the Swiss and Koreans advance.

A. Korea wins, France wins - Korea is #1, France is #2
B. Switzerland wins, France wins - Switzerland is #1, France is #2
C. Korea-Switzerland draw, France wins - Now it gets interesting ...

  1. If it's a scoreless draw and France wins 1-0 - Switzerland and Korea are 1-2, France is out.
  2. It's is a scoreless draw and France wins 2-0 - France is #1 and Switzerland is #2 and Korea goes home
  3. It's a scoreless draw and France wins 2-1 - Switzerland moves on as #1 team and then Korea and France have the second spot chosen by the drawing of lots (which would likely be right after the matches were concluded)
  4. If the tie is 1-1, France would need to beat Togo by at least two to move on and would be stuck with drawing lots if the score were 3-2.

I'm really excited over the potential for drawing lots. Basically, it will happen in any situation where France and Korea end up the same number of goals for and goals against and records of 1-0-2.

Unless I'm reading the tiebreaker rules wrong. In which case, never mind. But I think I am. The Times discusses the history of luck in soccer.

The man in the middle for the France-Togo match: Jorge Larrionda.

The winner of the group will play Ukraine in the next round. The second place team will face Spain.

2006-06-23 10:23:02
1.   ddger
Oh! Pilsung Korea
2006-06-23 10:28:52
2.   Bob Timmermann
Koreatown in L.A. is going to grind to a halt. It probably is all already.

However, Little Geneva is quiet.

2006-06-23 10:35:52
3.   ddger
Are you going to DT game tonight? See you at the stadium.

I will try to watch Swis-Korea match over internet since I can't get good signal on CH 46. Any good websites?

2006-06-23 10:38:27
4.   Bob Timmermann
I follow the FIFA match cast (linked above), but some people like the descriptions from either the New York Times blog (linked on the sidebar) or the Guardian (not linked, but you can go to )

The Guardian's reports tend to rely on a lot of English in-jokes, which are funny if you understand them, or if you don't, they sort of fly over your head like a poorly struck Landon Donovan corner kick.

2006-06-23 10:40:18
5.   ddger
Does the FIFA match cast video? Is there any site where you can get actual video/sound of the match? I heard that BBC is broadcasting the games live over internet.
2006-06-23 10:40:27
6.   Bob Timmermann
I added the Guardian to the sidebar.
2006-06-23 10:41:20
7.   Bob Timmermann
Nope. The only webcasts are overseas and I don't think you can even get them with proxy servers.

The only radio broadcast's in L.A. are on Spanish language radio: 97.7 FM.

2006-06-23 10:41:47
8.   Bob Timmermann
Although it's possible that there might be a Korean language radio station covering the game, but I would have no idea where to find it.
2006-06-23 10:48:56
9.   ddger
Bob, do your World Cup links go away daily or can I see archives.
2006-06-23 10:51:03
10.   Bob Timmermann
They should all be in the archives.

Just search "WC 2006" and you should get them all. I've put that in all the headlines I believe.

2006-06-23 11:00:54
11.   ddger
Thanks. There is so much sports going on in the last few weeks, it's consuming most of my time trying to keep up. I'm glad that NBA and NHL is over now so I can concentrate on World Cup along with DT. I guess College World Series is going to be over after this weekend.
2006-06-23 11:03:49
12.   Bob Timmermann
The CWS starts Saturday and won't go past Monday unless there's rain.
2006-06-23 11:12:17
13.   Vishal
DRAWING LOTS?!?! what a crock. i thought the concept of ties was bad enough, but drawing lots is unconscionable.
2006-06-23 11:19:54
14.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it's a double blind draw. There will be one pot with two balls numbered one and two.

Person A picks those out and puts them in order 1-2

The other pot has the names of the teams involved.

Person B picks those out and puts them in order 1-2

Then they get matched up.

One country goes home really pissed.

2006-06-23 11:21:45
15.   Penarol1916
I am praying for the drawing of lots, that would be the greatest thing ever if it happened.
2006-06-23 11:22:16
16.   Ken Arneson
5 One of my soccer teammates sent me instructions on how to view video of the world cup online. I can't vouch for the accuracy or legality of such instructions, since I have not used them myself, but if you send me an email, I will forward the instructions to you.
2006-06-23 11:24:10
17.   Bob Timmermann
And an Uruguayan can make that happen!
2006-06-23 11:30:13
18.   ddger
16 Ken, I don't have your email but mine is
2006-06-23 11:31:44
19.   ddger
Has there ever been drawing of lots in WC? It seems like other statistics (shots on goal, etc.) can be used instead of drawing lots.
2006-06-23 11:32:21
20.   Bob Timmermann
Read the linked article from the Times of London above. It's happened once.
2006-06-23 11:41:45
21.   Penarol1916
I remember that game, when I was in high school and we used to go on the road for soccer tournaments some kid would always bring a tape of that game to see the spitting incident and the Brasil-Argentina match from that same tournament to see Caniggia's goal that ended the game.
2006-06-23 11:59:24
22.   Bob Timmermann
So which will be the match of choice for people here who have TVs?
2006-06-23 12:14:43
23.   alexx
Korea and Switzerland definitely. I have friends who I think are watching the game live on screens at Wilshire and Western. Sounds like fun.
2006-06-23 12:16:03
24.   alexx
I have to watch it in Spanish though, as I don't have cable.
2006-06-23 12:33:09
25.   ddger
Guess Korea will have to comeback again.

I'm watching it on KBS Ch 44 here.

2006-06-23 12:34:32
26.   ddger
Now, only option #4 is possible.
2006-06-23 12:51:53
27.   Bob Timmermann
Option #4 is possible, but very unlikely with a scoreless first half in the France-Togo match.

I watched at the Carl's Jr. across the street. They started with the France-Togo match and then somebody there looked out and saw there were about 30 Koreans there and changed the channel.

2006-06-23 12:56:02
28.   Bob Timmermann
Now I will have to "read" the second half.
2006-06-23 13:12:47
29.   ddger
28 Bob, you can see ESPN and ESPN2 on internet.

Ken just sent me a link to download a program called TVUPlayer which lets you see ESPN and ESPN2 on internet.

2006-06-23 13:14:05
30.   Bob Timmermann
Probably not a wise thing to do at work though.
2006-06-23 13:15:30
31.   ddger
Yes, it does use up lot of bandwidth about 500 to 600K.
2006-06-23 13:17:09
32.   Bob Timmermann
There's that and the whole thing about not wanting to get fired.
2006-06-23 13:21:03
33.   Bob Timmermann
France with the crucial 2-goal lead.
2006-06-23 13:23:58
34.   ddger
Korea is running out of time. Looks like Korea has to win this match since France is up 2-0. Can Korea comeback 3 times in this World Cup?
2006-06-23 13:24:43
35.   Bob Timmermann
Korea must win now or hope that Togo scores.
2006-06-23 13:36:45
36.   Bob Timmermann
No drawing of lots today.

It's a day for countries that serve their foods with heavy sauces!

2006-06-23 13:37:22
37.   ddger
That last goal by Swiss looked offsides.
2006-06-23 13:38:07
38.   ddger
Impossible comeback now.
2006-06-23 13:38:33
39.   alexx
Yeah it did look like an offsides. Can the ref understand what the players are saying to him? Or do they just sort of try to convey meaning with gestures?
2006-06-23 13:38:39
40.   Bob Timmermann
If you have a fondue pot, throw it to the sky!
2006-06-23 13:41:38
41.   Bob Timmermann
The ref is from Argentina and he is supposed to be conversant in several languages although I doubt he knows Korean.

The Swiss guys probably speak a bunch of languages.

All the refs have to know how to speak English.

2006-06-23 13:46:04
42.   alexx
I would say people in Korea spoke the least English of any of the people in the countries I have been to. If that makes sense. Is there some way to challenge a world cup game? I guess Korea would have to score at least one goal first.
2006-06-23 13:46:07
43.   Penarol1916
Ah well, I guess when you advance to the semifinals because of referee blunders, you can't complain too much when referee blunders help knock you out the next time around.
2006-06-23 13:47:27
44.   Bob Timmermann
FIFA did say that if Australia had ended up losing to Croatia, they could have protested the game and gotten a replay because of yellow card foul up by the ref.

But in this game, it's all judgment calls.

2006-06-23 13:50:20
45.   Bob Timmermann
France wins 2-0.
2006-06-23 13:52:41
46.   Bob Timmermann
No joy in Koreatown tonight.
2006-06-23 14:13:36
47.   parkJiSungFAN4eva
This is terrible!! I can't believe the referee would do that? He can't possibly call himself a referee now!
Ah well....Swiss has nothing to be happy about because ultimately Korea won! I truly believe we had the most fun out of the whole world! Even if it was shortlived. There's always next time and i guess life still goes on. The players must be ten times as disapppointed and frustrated as the fans. But we will always support them with all our hearts!!! pilsung korea!!

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